EPIC Madrid Food items Tour (ten Amazing stops) #Spain #travel

The Prime ten dishes in Madrid! Tortilla española, calamari sandwich, warm chocolate, tapas, jamón, vermouth, magic formula nun’s cookies and more! This is the delightful Madrid food items tour I give to my buddies when they check out! Beware – it truly is EPIC!

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Want to locate people magic formula nun cookies? Head to Calle Codo (close to Plaza de la Villa) and where by you see the door with the sign “Venta de Dulces”, ring the top bell. Several hours are Mon-Fri 0930-1300 then sixteen.30 – eighteen.30.


Madrid has awesome food items.. there I said it! Frequently when individuals assume of Madrid they assume of museums and artwork and probably a trip to Toledo. But belief me, this city has an outstanding food items scene that is significantly less touristy and more underground in comparison to some other metropolitan areas in Spain. So, I desired to make this Madrid food items manual so that you can enjoy it like a legitimate community!

Nowadays I choose you to ten of my favourite spots to try to eat ten outstanding bites. We start with the most effective chocolate in the city (melted from real chocolate) at an about a hundred-year-old pastry store. Then we head to a community and hidden family-run joint for the city’s top Spanish omelette (tortilla española) and a beer (caña).

Future up! Vermouth time. We nip throughout to the San Miguel market place for a sweet crimson vermouth on faucet just like the locals do (together with marcona almonds, campo authentic olives and a community skewer). Then we head to a Key Quit. Cloistered nuns who bake cookies in – the cookies are delightful and moreish and the expertise is really just one-of-a-kind. As a mate employed to say, like executing a drug deal!

OK… finding whole. Future prevent – jamón… ham! And the excellent stuff – acorn-fed jamón ibérico in a family-run ham store. All-around the corner we head to an about a hundred-year-old tapas bar for just one of the most delightful tapas in the city – bull tail stew parcel, paired with a Rioja wine.

Future it’s Madrid’s most well-known bite – the calamari sandwich. There are so numerous spots that do this, but we head for the most effective just one! And for more seafood, we swing all around into the La Latina neighbourhood for the most effective bacalao in the city, served with a white wine in a spot that is a legitimate Madrid tough-and-tumble tapas bar.

And then – tapas. We swing into Casa Toni, a excellent tapas bar that does brilliant sweetbreads – mollejas – a delicacy in numerous restaurants all around the planet, and in this article deliciously cooked with skill on the griddle.

And eventually, dessert … we head to the most well-known pastry store in the city for the napolitana de crema. The great sweet conclusion to a wonderful Madrid food items tour. Siesta time!


Spain is my enthusiasm! It is food items, its lifestyle, its heritage and its individuals. And I get a enormous kick out of sharing everything I’ve learned with site visitors to this state. My mission? To enable you have a legitimate, loaded and delightful expertise in Spain!

I’m from New Zealand and have been dwelling in Madrid since 2011 (which my Spanish wife, Yolanda). I’m a co-founder of Devour Excursions, where by we supply award-winning food items & lifestyle excursions in Spain’s most delightful places. I’ve also written for The Guardian, Sunday Instances, El País and other folks about Spain as a culinary place. And eventually, I make these videos – for the reason that it leads to me a great deal of agony to assume that individuals are in Spain and possessing a significantly less-than-authentic expertise!

Thank you for viewing my videos. I’d adore it if you’d remark on them. Notify me what you like, never like and what you want to see more of! And give it a thumbs up if you relished it, and share it with your buddies who are heading to Spain.

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  1. Hi, how does this work with the nuns? I guess they don't speak english and my spanish is really not that good:) So if you don't speak that good spanish how is it possible to order? Because you did order a special amount och cookies, but do the have different ones? It would be fun to try ordering some cookies and also to support the nuns. I will be in Madrid the 25th so you can help me buy some:) Thanks.

  2. I went to Spain last year, I wish I would’ve found this video before, now I want to go back and try all the places you mentioned here, btw your Spanish is amazing, thanks for such a great video

  3. Just discovered your channel, it’s really amazing , it’s like one of those travel shows in the travel channel . I suddenly feel like I am going to come back because apparently I missed a lot. Cheers!!! Oh sorry, you are actually being shown on BBC.

  4. Hey James, wonderful video. We enjoyed it and I can't believe how cheap the food is. I'll be in Madrid in Sept, how much shld we set aside per day for meals for 2 adults and a child? Also, what will the weather be like at that time? Any info very much welcome, thanks

  5. I LOVE mollejas! 15 years ago, on my first visit to Toni's, I asked him what he prefers on his menu. He didn't hesitate to recommend them. I didn't tell my wife, who is a very fussy eater, what it was she was eating( I tasted them first) and she loved them. You're right James, it's a must try. Thanks for another great video.

  6. James,

    My boyfriend and I are a fan of yours and just went on a seville food tour with Devour just after watching your video. One question though, why are mollejas "sweet bread?" We tried them in Cuenca and they were deliciously garlicky and smoky but they were not any sort of sweet bread haha. Just curious to why they're called sweet bread? 😉

  7. I still dream about those Regalitos! I had them 2 years ago on a Devour Tour, and it was so good my parents and I went back the next day for more! We are heading back to Madrid in less than 2 weeks – we can't wait to eat more regalitos and discover more gems on our 2 upcoming Devour Tours!

  8. Would you consider covering some "alternative" food in Spain? Like a favorite Chinese spot or Mexican? I think as long as the food is delicious then it doesn't matter if it's authentic or whatever that means. I'm imagining jamon fried rice.

  9. James you have the best job in the world !!
    I was on exchange for a month in madrid and fell in love with it and watching your videos brings back all thr good memories , Gracias 🙂

  10. I went to four of the places on your list and they were all great. casa Toni was on my list but we never made it. My fave tapas is jamon! My fave desert is churros at san gines!

  11. I will absolutely go to Casa Toni for the mollejas, for me this is great. I'm going in July and will try a lot of places, my main focus is the food on this trip. All trips:) Great video.

  12. James you've outdone yourself yet again. Super interesting on the tortilla texture! When I first started making them, they would come out exactly like that, but I wasn't so happy with the runny interior. So I started stirring the egg, potato and onion mixture when it first hit the pan, for about 20 – 30 secs or so, and as a result it comes out more cooked through, like the ones you can see in the background at Anciano Rey. Never had the mollejas – def need to try next time I'm in Madrid! Thanks for the video!!!!

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