Ep #14 സന്തോഷ്‌ ജോർജ് കുളങ്ങര സഞ്ചരിച്ച വഴികളിലൂടെ ♥️♥️travelista | GARDEN ROUTE | SOUTHAFRICA

Ep #14 സന്തോഷ്‌ ജോർജ് കുളങ്ങര സഞ്ചരിച്ച വഴികളിലൂടെ ♥️♥️travelista | GARDEN ROUTE | SOUTHAFRICA
#africa #safari #travelista

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I’m Santos, and this is my channel – Travelista. As the name suggests A travelista is like a fashionista -but for travel. The fashionista is always up on the latest fashion trends and always looks top-notch. The travelista is always traveling to some new and exotic locale and is not dissuaded by any world turmoil or even wars. for example, the travelista will go to an exotic resort nestled in the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Arab spring? according to the travelista, this is the best time to travel to northern Africa. it is more exciting that way! traditional European cities are old hat to the travelista.

And About me, im a passionate traveler from Kerala (Gods own country) in India. I am a day dreamer and has built an inevitable desire to travel the world. I have visited more than 24 countries during my life when i was at merchant navy. I have offboarded the vessel with a great desire to travel. As a YouTube vlogger, i started the carrier with a bicycle and roamed in and around Thrissur (native place) with my Gopro camera and shot the places which made me viral. The channel grew very fast earning subscribers, making me to think of an all India Travel. I started a vanlife, which was similar to European or western van life culture and finished an All India trip with my two friends, Binoy and Lisshoy. We altered a Force Tempo traveler into a traveling home and named him Kapitan -” the ship captain” . We have covered almost most of the places in India main land with our beloved Kapitan, had done video’s about India’s villages, peoples, landscapes, rivers and so on. We were also permitted by the Ministry of Defense of India to shoot several episodes with Indian Army (Border Security Force) and have touched LOC (Line of Control) at Pakistan, which was a great honor for us, and made Travelista apart from other travel vloggers in India.

in this new season, i  have started a solo trip to Africa via Dubai, covered certain places in Arab. My travel has reached African continent from Asia and next few days i ll be covering African countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, etc.; One of my bucket list item is the great migration of Masai Mara…..Yes, please wait for the video’s.



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