‘England’s Wembley is a HOME STADIUM to Germany!’ Why history gives Germany the advantage | ESPN FC #Germany #travel

England vs. Germany is the blockbuster Round of 16 clash at Euro 2020, so to help predict how the game will play out, ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab & Juls Show) take a trip back in time to assess why Germany usually walk out winners.

0:00 Why Germany are like the Dallas Cowboys
2:08 Will footballing history play a part in the game?
4:13 Why England can’t control games

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  1. To be fair, historically, Germany is just one of many rivalries – and not particularly unique in the grand scheme.

    You have to understand that England has history with a lot of nations.

    We have nearly 1000 years of murderous rivalry with France, from the Battle of Hastings to Agincourt, from the hundred year war, to the global fight over empire, Napoleon and Waterloo, right through to the liberation on D-Day.

    There is the Spanish with the Armada, the global expansion that brought us into conflict with the Dutch.

    There is the history with the U.S, the links with other countries in the Anglo-sphere like Australia, Canada, and the legacy of empire in places all across Africa, the Middle and far East, from the Opium wars with China to the ruling of India.

    There is a big rivalry with Argentina because of the Falklands, and the cheating midget.

    Plus, how can we forget the 800 years of English rule in Ireland, the Troubles, which creates an extra dimension to that fixture.

    The Welsh too, and then there's Scotland.

    The ancient enemy then partner in crime, who we face in the oldest international sporting fixture anywhere.

    There is also the element of club football, which has its own combustible ingredients that can feed into international competition.

    There was a lot of animosity against Turkey for a while after the stabbing to death of a Leeds United fan during a European club match.

    The point I'm trying to make is there are lots of little things, ancient or recent, that add spice and an extra something when England play a lot of countries.

    It isn't a one way street, existing only in the minds of English people.

    You only have to see the rhetoric in some of those places when we play them.

  2. Pertaining to the start of the video, the one country who doesn't see Germany as a particularly big 'rival' is Italy. They've played each other many times and in recent years Italy has their number, not to mention the same amount of World Cups. I'd say Italy's biggest traditional rival is Brazil.

  3. Hiel… Germans will march the street of England. You know you are good at something when everyone thinks of you as their main rival England's main rival is Denmark Croatia Czech pffft.. they can't even handle Swiss and Belgium let alone Italy and mighty Brazil.

  4. "This is OUR house, nobody comes to our house and pushes us around!"

    – Denmark defeated England – at Wembley – in the Nations League, just some 8 months ago. Julian and Gab are spot on, the English team basically stopped being effective in the second half and their defense was poor. Got a red card as well due to an idiotic foul from Harry Maguire.

  5. This is unfair, why are England given home advantage in a one leg knockout match, this match should be played in a neutral venue. No telling how england sabotaged the germans locker room, they might have put arsenic in there

  6. Please run the show with unbiased neutral people. And hopefully, Julien will show some respect to other nations as well besides his French team, onwards.

  7. If the Germans come on the pitch with fire in their belly and Goretzka in the starting line-up there will be nothing standing in the way of a complete thrashing of the English team.

  8. The only team to be compared to the Dallas Cowboys should be the English national team.

    Do nothing in any tournament but get hyped as favorites every time.

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