England Group Assortment for 2nd Examination vs South Africa 2018

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  1. It was a game of two offensively superb teams with kinks in the defence to be polished. Pollard was rusty in the first 20, but when he got in rhythm, together with de Klerk they managed the game. The passes started to click and the Springboks brought their trademark physicality. England are not used to getting matched physically in their NH games, but the Springboks could match them punch for punch.
    Both Pollard and Farrell had some questionable kicking. This series will be decided by whichever side sorts their leaks in defence first.

  2. England really need a powerful ball-carrying centre. (I know there isn't anyone in the squad right now, I'm thinking to the future). Ben Teo has had a few reasonable matches but I don't see him ever being anything more than an average international player. I think EJ needs to consider Tuilagi, despite his string of injuries.
    Can you guys recommend any other powerful centres that really have the potential to be major (rather than just average) international players ?
    PS: I am not suggesting that England would need to systematically select such a centre, but there have been and always will be matches where such a player is needed.

  3. We aren't going to win anything with Ford at number 10. People always give him too much praise over a few brilliant passes but what else does he do? He's OK when his team are dominating, like they were in the first 20 mins on Saturday, but when they struggle he can't create anything. He doesn't make any breaks, can't tackle very well (Ok he's not the only one in the side with that problem) and he's not even our first choice kicker. Why is he there? I know Cipriani is getting on a bit now but he could do us till next years word cup then bring Marcus Smith through. Mike Brown on wing??? You've GOT to have someone with more pace. Plus, he would never have made that mistake Daly made at fullback.

  4. Mako vunipola, Jamie George, Kyle sinckler
    Itoje and Isiekwe
    Shields billy vunipola and curry
    Youngs (robson to replace?)
    Cipriani (maybe coming on for ford)
    Farrell and slade (lozowski )
    Brown daly and may
    (Solomona or Earle on bench)

  5. As a rugby fan and South African I really enjoyed your comments. I just think people DO NOT realize how close the games was and what would you have been saying if England had won.

  6. Your problem is not your team, your problem is the Springboks. Time will tell whether this new attitude will last a game, a year or a lifetime, but for now, they are back. You went up against a "wounded Springbok" with a new coach, a new captain and a political issue that they seem to be finally buying into and embracing and they seem determined to prove it can work. Not many teams in the world could come back from the deficit like SA did and not many teams in the world would have beaten them on Saturday.

    I think Jones is shrewd and talented enough to turn this around for England, but the job is not going to be easy. Good luck for the weekend. I just hope it turns out to be another cracker!!

    BTW, at the risk of getting overly cheeky lol, you might need to learn this following bit cos I reckon he will be around a long time …. Nkosi is pronounced N-cor-sea with the "core" being shortish. First word sung in the national anthem.

  7. Robshaw was shocking against the Barbarians and in the six nations. Against the ba baas he attempted 8 tackles and made 1. Sheilds at 6, Curry at 7 and Vunipola at 8. Hughes comes in to replace Curry at 65'. That is a quality backrow. Robshaw is not good enough to play for England anymore!!

  8. Selection? Why bring Denny on with 5 or so minutes to go. When the game was breaking up, May was ripping it when on his wing. Conversely Brown looked out of his depth. Denny's game was built for the final 20. That's where I think Jones has lost the plot.

  9. 1. Mako
    2. George
    3. Williams
    4. Itoje
    5. Launchbury
    6. Shields
    7. Curry
    8. Vunipola
    9. Youngs/Robson
    10. Farrell
    11. Daly
    12. Slade
    13. Losowski
    14. May
    15. Brown

    16. Cowan-Dickie
    17. Marler
    18. Sinckler
    19. Isiekwe
    20. Hughes
    21. Young’s/Robson
    22. Cipriani
    23. Solomona

  10. People need to cool the Eddie hatred. England were good enough to win the first test but as these fellas pointed out, England gifted two tries to RSA via errors from Daly and Itoje. Id like to see the same team for the second test. Tighten up the defence with a bit more width and dont concede the penalties they conceded in the first game. If they do that they will give themselves an excellent chance

  11. 1. Mako
    2. Cowan-Dickie (if fit, or else George)
    3. Williams
    4. Maro
    5. Launchbury (if fit, or else Isiekwe)
    6. Shields
    7. Curry
    8. Billy
    9. Youngs
    10. Cips
    11. Daly
    12. Faz
    13. Loz
    14. May
    15. Brown

    16. George (if LCD unfit then Singleton)
    17. Marler
    18. Sinks
    19. Isiekwe (if Launch unfit then Hill)
    20. Hughes
    21. Robson
    22. Slade
    23. Denny

  12. Again with first 20 mins. Fellas you have to frame that around the team they were playing and their experience levels. Go look at the tries you had SA players all over the place. There seemed to be no defensive structure whatsoever. Fair play to England for exploiting it, however, before you go too far down England have found their attack mode realize they're unlikely to face many teams at this level filled with uncapped players. If England can produce same type of rugby this weekend it will be much more impressive.

  13. Englands game plan is built around having bigger nastier forwards than the opposition. But when the opposition have forwards who are bigger and nastier it back fires. Even more so when opponents have jackal at the tackle. Duane Vermeulen was immense.

  14. Ford was good enough in attack to keep his place and Cipriani doesn't offer anything more in defence. I'd be very bold and have Robson starting, he's been the best 9 in the prem since the 2015 World Cup and the fact that he may end up going this whole World Cup cycle without playing for England is farcical. I would swap Daly and Brown back around, Brown's lack of pace was terrifying whenever England were defending. I'd have had Lozowski starting at 13 in the 1st test, but thought Slade had an OK game, so would probably put Lozowski at 22 instead of Francis.

    I'd have Shields starting at 6, and if Launchbury is fit, have Itoje on the bench. Billy V looks so out of shape, especially at altitude, but so does Hughes. I'd have Billy starting at 8 but with Simmonds coming on at 45/50.

    England's attack has always gone well during the summer tours, surprisingly when there has been a dedicated attack coach with the team. Hopefully Jones can attract Ella or Wisemantel. Re the defence not being suited to SA's attack. Gustard has brought the Saracens style of defence, which is obviously very aggressive, but is susceptible to the opposition going wide wide.

    I think this England team will lose this series 3-0. They are absolutely shot mentally and there doesn't seem to be anything the coaches or players can do to stop the rot.

  15. For me I think Eddie jones is the issue tbh. He seems identify what wrong but doesn't seem to be fixing it. His message for the past couples of games is lack of leadership and didn't adept quick enough. Well what you doing to fix it ? He picks the wrong players, why didn't he bring and centres who could actually tackle or run a hard line ? Even as a back up. He ignores good players like don Armand. I think in the midfield we concede way too much ground. It's shame he didn't bring brad barrit. Say what you will about brad barret he can get you over the gain line, smash people in the tackle and cool up the midfield, plus I think his leadership is exemplary. I would have personally played Farrel barret and lozowki in the back line but Eddie just pick midgets who can tackle to save their lives.

  16. The problem with the defensive system that gustard is running is that it relies on a big hitting 13 to push the opposition back after the rush, but slade isn't a big hitter so he wasn't knocking them back, getting SA on the front foot and leaving mike Brown out to dry

  17. Penalty count was atrocious, gifting the boks possession – Shields to start at 6 because he was decent around the park but not at scrum time in the row, and Dan Robson needs some game time not necessarily as a starter. I always rate your content lads 🙂

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