#Egypt #vacation Yanni – The Dream Live performance: Are living from the Good Pyramids of Egypt | Whole album High definition HQ | 2016

The Dream Live performance: Are living from the Good Pyramids of Egypt is the seventh reside album and live performance video clip by up to date instrumentalist Yanni, formally released on June 3, 2016. The two concerts have been performed outdoor on Oct thirty and 31, 2015, on the grounds of the Egyptian pyramids and Good Sphinx of Giza, Yanni’s 1st general performance in Egypt

Monitor listings:
One Man’s Dream
For All Seasons
Human Condition
Reflections of Passion
Standing in Motion
Niki Nana
The Storm

Yanni: Keyboards and Piano
Ming Freeman: keyboards
Víctor Espínola: harp
Charles Adams: drums
Yoel Del Sol: percussion
Gabriel Vivas: bass
Jason Carder: trumpet and flugelhorn
Dana Teboe: trombone
James Mattos: French horn
Alexander Zhiroff: cello
Sarah O’Brien: cello
Samvel Yervinyan: violin
Mary Simpson: violin
Benedikt Brydern: violin
Lauren Jelencovich: vocals
Lisa Lavie: vocals


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