#Egypt #vacation Wonderful Osiris Shaft: Exploring Underneath the Giza Plateau Of Egypt March 2018


  1. That's brilliant Brien!
    Notice that the entry was chiselled out crudely suggesting it wasn't there originally.
    The Egyptians probably opened it up from a fracture in the foundation stone and put a sarcophagus in it.

  2. These large boxes were forced open ny the Hawass or initial discovery team. 50 to one says that under the watchfull eye or EGYPTIAN Antiquities and Hawass, that the boxes were opened and emptied and whatever other non conventional discoveries made while down there were taken, covered up (buried metaphorically speaking), and hopefully not destroyed or burned up, but my thinking is that mostanything that does not fulfill the narrative of status quo is completely wiped from the possibility of ever being discovered. And I think there is an organization thats very old and well funded that monitors and suppresses any unwanted, undesirable effect on the status quo. Really reminiscent of tge one on the blockbuster film series "The Mummy," where theres an ORDER that protects and makes sure that discovery of the mummy, Imhotep, is not disturbed and/or awakened. However the "order" I believe to be real is tainted and driven by greed, power, and secretism. I believe Hawass is a card carrying member and face for this "order". There REALLY BADLY needs to be covert investigations all around egyptian government, antiquities, and Hawass. But alas, I am but one man in another country. What could I possibly do?

  3. OK, back in the day when they were digging shafts and rooms into the bedrock deep underground, I guess whoever was doing the digging had really good eyesight and could see in the dark?

    Otherwise… how they do that?

  4. Do we know what is in the casket under water in the lowest section ? The reason for keeping stuff under water usually is to dissipate heat and stop combustion (nuclear fuel an example ?). Might explain the catastrophic damage in the unsubmerged caskets ? Just a thought.

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