#Egypt #vacation WHY WE Slice OUR EGYPT Vacation Shorter | What to Anticipate & Vacation Guidelines | CAIRO Vacation Vlog | Sophie Ramos

I am back again with a different vacation vlog! From Istanbul we travelled to a different place, Egypt.
Regrettably, we had to lower out trip quick from just one week to 3 days. Check out til the finish to obtain out why and my straightforward overview and practical experience.

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ISTANBUL in 3 Days – Should See, Eat, & Do! | Itinerary & Guidelines for Initially-Timers
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Video clip Editor: Kirstin Alonzo


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  1. If ever you visit India, it would be worst than your experience in Egypt. I mean, people just want to making a living.. In India, it was seriously annoying, they tend to get your attention by making friends first then eventually they'd try and sell you something or lure you to their shops…However, you have to understand that that is where they get their income(from the tourist). I'm sorry that it didn't sit well with you and your family. For my husband and I, we just let them follow us and we just realized that we had to be firm on saying "NO" to them. They'd eventually go away..We survived India so I guess Egypt will be alright for us…

  2. Sorry about your poor experience. Mark Twain, American author, said more than 150 yrs ago "travelers to the pyramids suffer torture no pen can describe", so what happen to you is just a part of Egypt culture. There is no changing it. It will not help to learn Arabic words, or to change you routine, no matter what, you will experience this in Egypt. Even Egypt citizens have problems, but in slightly different ways. Here are some info for future reference, anyone want to go to Egypt. Locals (Egyptians) typically pay 60 to 100LE for taxi ride from airport to Cairo center. You can ask for ride at this price no problem. At pyramids, you must pay price for foreign person entry at ticket office, but if you want animal, horse is 40LE, camel 80LE, and carriage, we call it "Hantoor", is 120LE. That what locals pay, so you can also ask for this price, no problem. Don't let them tell you it is 50 US Dollars or some crazy thing. As far as people on the street, just ignore, that is best. If you really have problems, find a police officer. Not tourist police, REAL police officer. They will have white uniform and rank on their shoulders with dark beret cap. There are literally thousands on Cairo STREETS because of terrorism, even if you don't speak Arabic just walking over to one will send your scam artist flee! Al-Sisi has made tourism top priority. Yes, there is still corruption, even in police, but if you make a fuss, police will take your side or they answer to the army. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. And ask for help or advice from your Embassy too before traveling, if u want, can find Phillipines embassy in Cairo. Thank you.

  3. You get what you paid for. If you choose cheap hotel and cheap tour service provider what do you expect?!!!I was in Philippines I experienced the same in Bohol people trying to sell me island tours and souvenirs on the beach , it's even worst that the water that come out from the faucet so dirty and smells disgusting, plus you don't have decent hospital when I got sick from the food in Palawan …. I can tell you more about security when you don't feel safe in mall because people kidnapping kids and those girls selling sex in angles city …… Hope this is enough for you

  4. She’s right and wrong at the same time. There are a lot of people that try to scam you. I would not get a tour when you visit the pyramids of Giza, she’s wrong when she says you can’t get up close. You can literally go up and touch everyone of the pyramids and you don’t need a tour to get in, the ticket office offers tickets to get inside each individual pyramid. You will be hassled once you arrive by camel ride guys or the guys pretending to work there wearing robes. They will ask to show you something and take you there and take your picture but then expect a lot of money from you. I recommend ignoring them from the start.

  5. An Egyptian/American here with some tips, sorry about the bad experience you just had, but in order to assist future travellers here are some useful tips

    1-Avoid cheap hotels in Egypt, you get what you pay for, Cairo is an old and vast city, downtown Cairo is in the older part of that city and it's just busy and noisy 24X7 and most of the hotels there are not in top shape, of course, if you are a budget traveller you can always book an Airbnb or an affordable hostel.
    2-If you are travelling to Egypt and you are not accustomed to temperate climates avoid travelling there from early May to end of September, the sweet spot for Egypt will be November to March to visit Cairo, Luxor & Aswan, March to May or October-November to swim in Sharm-Hurgada if you don't mind it to be somewhat chilly December-Feb the weather is hovering around 15-24C over there
    3-Avoid cheap tours organized by smaller hotels/hostels/at touristic destinations, most of them are scams-like the rest of the world-and whoever leads those tour guides will be either asking for tips or getting a cut from the restaurants or bazaars, do some research about the spots you would love to visit and plan accordingly on your own, way cheaper and more enjoyable.
    4-Don't drive in Egypt, people have forgotten about traffic laws ages ago, get an Uber app in Egypt for local transports, it's cheap, effective and clean.
    5-Don't drink the tap water
    6-If you are taking the train from one city to the next, don't cheap out and go for the 1st class ticket, first class is ~ the same quality as the 3rd, or 2nd class in Europe and the US but it's actually cheap
    7-Get some friends in Egypt to help you out with hotel selection/planning trips.
    8-Unfortunately verbal harassments is still an issue in Egypt but the good news it doesn't really go beyond that, just ignore it if it happens, or learn a couple of Egyptian words to deter those people.
    9-Tipping in Egypt is expected for almost everything, salaries are not that high for low skill jobs so carry either a lot of 5-10 pound bills (25-50 cents) or lots of $ singles

  6. I was their and it was one of the best countries I visited. You have to follow the dress code and be careful of the scams and you will enjoy alot.
    There is alot to explore in Egypt

  7. I would do the same if I experienced that in another country. We travel to have good and happy memories. Felt kinda sad too that you didnt finish the whole trip sophie. Anyway there’s more to explore, looking forward to your next trip.

  8. Great quality video! I am sad you had that experience in Egypt and had to cut your trip short. If you ever travel to India, know that it is the same experience, if not worse. But on the other hand, I have made more friends traveling in that kind of country and I now look forward to getting to experience the chaos. My Fiance and I are traveling to Egypt soon, fingers crossed it is as chaotic and loud as you described. Much Love!

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