#Egypt #vacation why EGYPT trip is gonna be crazy

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The Indians had their 1st formal coaching session immediately after reaching Cape Town day ahead of yesterday. It was again to cricket coaching for India captain Virat Kohli immediately after his marriage with Anushka Sharma lately. Kohli and the Indian group trained at the picturesque Western Province Cricket Club. resource Related


  1. My dream is to travel the world,record parkour and stuff like you but I don't have enough money to buy any equipment and some of my friends are like "ah you are dumb,you can't earn from YouTube,where will you get money for trips and stuff".But I don't listen them,just I dont now about that question,where will I get money for that and will any company want to work with me.I really don't now what to do.
    If anybody have some tips write it pls.

  2. Ich war letztes Jahr im Sommer zum ersten Mal in Ägypten und das Essen dort war echt unterirdisch schlecht. Von den Sehenswürdigkeiten ist es natürlich überwältigend, zum Teil aber auch erschreckend wie damit umgegangen wird. Wenn da 4000 Jahre alte Wandmalereien sind und ich die anfassen darf, dann kann man sich ja vorstellen, wie lange die noch so bestehen

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