#Egypt #vacation What genuinely occurred to the Library of Alexandria? – Elizabeth Cox

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two,300 a long time back, the rulers of Alexandria set out to satisfy a quite audacious goal: to obtain all the awareness in the world beneath one roof. In its key, the Library of Alexandria housed an unparalleled variety of scrolls and captivated some of the Greek world’s greatest minds. But by the conclude of the 5th century CE, it experienced vanished. Elizabeth Cox facts the increase and tumble of this excellent building.

Lesson by Elizabeth Cox, directed by Inna Phillimore.

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  1. Library of Alexandria were not forgotten right after it burned because all the books translated to arabic in Baghdad library (dar al hikma) back when translators were the most wealthiest in the caliphates and then Genghis came and throw them all in the rivers ..

  2. This just proves that cultivating knowledge is the key to humanities prosperity and the arrogance of people thinking they know more than anyone is the reason for the collapse of our society that’s happening today for example Donald Trump, Prince of Saudi Arabia. The advantage we have today is the limitless information we have on our hands and to be educated enough to not just read something and believe it but to challenge conventions and humbling ourselves that we might well not know everything.

  3. I know a joke that's not really a joke concerning this place:  "What caused the Dark Ages?"  "Answer:  The burning of the Alexandrian Library."  I mean, how many of our discoveries are actually just rediscoveries only just now being made 2,000 years after the fact?  Computers, electricity, flight—how different and much more advanced would our society be right now if we had never lost that place?

  4. Is crazy to think that someone before 2.000 years found out how the earth actually is …and it took humanity 1500+ years to realize that …Just imagine how the technology could have been now if they didn't have burned the library ..

  5. Throw one more comment out there- Hypatia was not murdered for studying the library. Mainly because the library was already destroyed. During the crisis of the third century, the city of Alexandria faced two sieges, and historians note that the second siege in 296 CE led by Emperor Aurelian would have almost certainly destroyed whatever was left of the original library. The last vestige of the library, a temple dedicated to Sarapis called the Serapaeum, was indeed vandalized by a Christian mob in 391 CE, but only after the pagans of Alexandria brutally murdered Christians in the streets for mocking their god.

    Hypatia came to prominence decades after this; her death, while regrettable, had nothing to do with the library. She’s only associated with it because she founded a school that was based off of it, and no she wasn’t murdered over the school, either. She was an influential and popular intellectual who, it was rumored, prevented the Christian governor Orestes, one of her former students, and Bishop Cyril from reconciling over civil matters.

  6. This politically correct historical narrative leaves out the Muslim destruction of the yAlexandrian library in the 7th century just as ISIS recently destroyed historical sites in Syria. Islam hates history.

  7. They claim that there's even an older Library from a much earlier civilization inside the hidden chamber underneath the Sphinx front foot, I can't remember if it's the left or the right, I think it's the left front paw of the sphynx ,there is a chamber they discovered it doing ground-penetrating radar, but the Egyptian government will not let them excavate to see what's in there

  8. Christian leaders don't approve of books or learning. The term "the Bible" (translating to "The Book" or the one book) is an echo of that. Religion robbed us of the works of geniuses, and a thousand years of progress. My blood boils when I hear the term "good Christian" and think of their torture, burning alive, destruction of knowledge, rewriting of history, lies and stupidity of that or any religion.

  9. Hypatia wasn't killed by the Christian ruler of Alexandria, it was a Christian mob on rumors circulated by her political opposition, and the ancient world didn't hate the Greek literature, while the religion changed they were still viewed as "civilized" and many of the pre-christian philosophers like Aristotle still highly respcted

  10. I’m pissed it was burnt to ashes, but a part of me still wishes that perhaps maybe not EVERYTHING if not everything was moved to some government restricted vault somewhere before they burnt it down.

  11. Hypatia was murdered for studying the ancient Greek texts that the Christian rulers saw as blasphemous? Bit of a sweeping statement, no? As far as I know there are various theories as to why Christian thugs murdered Hypatia and it's not clear there was a link to her studying texts in the library

  12. I will always trust ink and paper over computers. Our society will inevitably be destroyed and be replaced by a new society just as has happened before, and so will our digital infrastructure. All digital information shall be lost forever. If it isn't on paper, it doesn't exist.

  13. Heron made a steam turbine, not a steam engine. His turbine was about 1% efficient and not capable of useful work. Nevertheless I rank it along with the Antikethera Mechanism as one of the great mechanical wonders of the classical world.

  14. I think the "fear of knowledge" is the strangest thing ever and the end reminds me of Fahrenheit 451… Yet, if you fix the wording to today's lingo, it is a bit easier to understand why. But that fear set back some amazing information and still surprises me…

  15. This vid does not tackle the question of what happened. It glosses over it. Religion is to blame — organized religion. But you won't hear anything about that here. Cowardly TED stuff.

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