#Egypt #vacation They Uncovered One thing in Egypt That All people Explained Was Not possible!

The Sphinx includes a door that could direct to a top secret underground tunnel and chamber, in accordance to a researcher who was permitted on site to scan the space. The age of this underground chamber will be as hotly disputed as the Pyramids on their own, was it constructed by a dropped civilisation and if so, what is inside of this chamber?


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    Dominic means Belonging to God" or "of the Master “Dominicus"

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  2. Debates everywhere well a debate is only substancial to current evidence… There are still lot to discover and a lot of evidence still hasnt been discovered yet so debunking ang closing doors early on a theory that hasnt been proven "YET" is being a fool to begin with. Let time be the judge of it.

  3. I don't know whether it's true or not about ancient knowledge however as a species we are pathetic too greedy to hold such knowledge if true we would all want for ourselves and then use it against one another

  4. i totally believe it predates the great flood and is probably in the 10's of thousands of years old. I also think the pyramids is some kind of Pre Adamic technology and we have lost the knowledge to know how to use them. And, with the pole shifts, they may not work because they are no longer aligned with the constellations to which they were built to connect to.

  5. The public are to forgiving of these scientists, In the philosophy of the vedic cultures that we find right across the globe as stated in Srimad Bhagavatam, they see beyond this state to the soul and recognize that as eternal beings we are responsible for the reactions we receive, knowing full well ever action has an equal reaction we see that ever reaction similarly had an action, And so how can it be said that in a universe of actions and reactions there is reactions coming from nowhere! or incidents totally unrelated in time and space, everything is working like a grand clock interacting in unlimited cause and effect producing unlimited varieties through out the inconcievable expanse of space and time. We see a reflection of this variety phenomena in the persona of living beings, although they may appear the same physically, two arms etc… even if identitcle ywins are born the persona is different, and different from the other billions of people, individuality is vast. So those individuals who make a living spreading non truth, speculation, dogma, and lies are like priests etc… who are athiests they are pretenders and cheaters and should be outed from their positions as impostors! there is no way any professor of this age is so ignorant of the actual facts of today and the huge alternative theory evidence etc….? they are cheaters like con-men and people who sell their own people poison, Like doctors who simply work for cash, but have no interest in helping people and dont study all the facts about the products they distribute on mass to their brothers sisters uncles etc…. the science that priscibes heavy drugs to little children, fairytale illnesses and cures all the way to attacking kids identity. The medical industry is a very easy industry to study so many people have! So if your a doctor and going along with their evil, your either a money hungry soulless bot! PCBOT, sheeple blind , morning show zombie etc… Or an evil drug dealer. Same as these scientists, they are fake achedemics who enjoy simply accumulating knowledge to puff their own egos up, Such great memories with no deep wisdom or sincerety to know the truth? not enough sincerety overcome their own greed to have profit adoration and distinction, these three things prifit adoration and distinction are the three last hurdles sages need to overcome to be bonafide as gurus. Any guru still chasing profit adoration and distinction is not a bonafide guru, and these people can never be trusted as they cant control themselves enough to be in any position of authority and power, they shouldn't teach or diagnose cats!

  6. Well the guy early on in the video who only got about 15 secs gave the most plausible explanation. The Sphinx was carved from an extremely old rocky promontory that had pre-existing water damage from millennia ago when there was water in the area. Rock very, very old. Shaping of rock into Sphinx, about 2500 years ago by the ancient Egyptians. Lets credit human achievements to humans and stop giving it all to dreamed up space aliens or conveniently long since extinct races of super beings. The Sphinx? The Pyramids? They were built by very clever humans who used mathematics, physics and engineering to create these wonders. We should be proud.

  7. Don’t believe anything till you see it from your own eyes. People make theories based on their minds. Nothing can be certain of what had happened in past. Only thing matters is your current present. How you deal with it and how you die one day. Because one day somebody will also try to think about you or your race how it ended. So on till we stand In front of God on the Judgement day

  8. The truth that the ancients left us is…. working & commuting 8+ hours a day is making the rich richer and you are just digging your own grave. There is more to life then eat, sleep, work and the ancients knew this. Do you think the Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffets of world want you to be free and stop working for them?

  9. According to the Emerald Tablets writtings of Thoth.
    The sphinx has a door the leafs to an underground chamber that holds a spaceship.
    Thoth has instuctions when to use it.
    The pyramids are giant seals. That sealed the entrances and exits of the underworld that host the creatures with supernatural powers that the atlanteans didnot defeated rather sealed them beneath the earth using the pyramids. A war they didnot win rather stopped it for a while for 36,000 years ago. A war that nearly wiped us all. Please read the message of Thoth to understand. The emerald tablets are real and it is on display at the London Musuem.

  10. David Rohl has clearly shown the alleged Egyptian Chronology used by traditional Egyptologist is off. I do not trust anything they conclude because they have made mistake that has begotten more mistakes. Problem is the mistakes are in the history and text books.

  11. The blond haired blue eyed Caucasians know the truth. Blacks have been here for eons while their existence starts a few thousand years ago. Racist Caucasians tried to destroy all evidence of a black ruled planet complete with modern technology. What is done in the dark will soon come to light.

  12. It could be possible that the base of the Sphinx is the oldest part, weathered by water and the head added by humans later as well as the "paws" of the Sphinx and surrounding human structures.

  13. There's a place near the Giza Plateau, where at a certain time of the night, the three stars of Orion's Belt line up perfectly with the pinnacles of the three Great Pyramids. I would suggest that some enterprising archaeologist poke around a bit in that area and see what they can find.

  14. Good cause it goes way beyond what they say. How about the fact that it faces east just like the constellation Leo. Which would put it around 11,000 BC In the plutonic year

  15. Not a Lion… its a Dog…. look again… mans best friend gaurding our past. prolly points to i dont know… best guess… Sirius? lol "egyptologists" YOU ARE ALL FIRED!

  16. Actually, I went out of body to Egypt to get healed in a healing area. I wouldn't recommend not so experienced out of bodies do that. Egypt is always changing. So I got to a little room with paintings on four walls. A big stone with a lid of stone top. I couldn't say what century I was is. The paint was brownish and old on the walls. I could smell very old sand ! I am from a desert but our CA sand smells newer to me. So I decided to float over the stone box. I saw light through stone on the ceiling ?? Nothing but stone over my head but daylight shown through the stone. Then in a Flash at my feet was a Vortex of lots of colored light ! Like my soul was being pulled at it. Then in a split second the room I was in changed to an earlier time. The paint on the walls was just done and New ! Wow. I started to fall !! Out of the air to the stone top of a stone box !! I was freaked out. Gravity has never worked on me out of body in my Life !!!! In body ok but never out of body !!!! Ok I reached to touch the Wall to memorize it. The walls were so beautiful. I was losing control. So back in S. Carolina I was, slammed into my body. Wow.
    Never happened to me before. So I was coughing up dirty old sand out of my lungs. Is that a curse I thought???!???
    And a man out of body came and told me that I can't leave Egypt and that I knew that. I have to go back. He was dressed in nice Egyptian clothes.
    I said what? I can do whatever I want when I want etc. In about 10 minutes I felt lighter. My lungs were not coughing up sand any more. Wow I thought. No more mummy curse? Well I realized what had happened was I picked up a body snatcher who was Ancient and the Egyptian man came to get him home! (Thanks to God). Anyway…. I hope I learned my lesson. No possession ! No Trespassers ! Etc. But I figured out the Pyramids do a form of time Travel. And later I realized the tops of the pyramids are used by 1000s of languages the Alien UFO not just from this time, use to communicate with Ships and other planets. It translates into " The humans are not honoring the Treaties. What does the Federations say we can do about it? Before they blow up our planet we all live on?".

  17. Hello! The water damage from sphinx comes from the flood of Noah, climb Mount Everest and you will find sea shells and fossilized fishes and skeletons of sharks found in the middle of the desert in Phoenix Arizona.

  18. This should be called "they discovered something in Egypt over a decade ago that egyptologists have refused to believe because it interferes with the cultural historical narrative and even those theirs 10,000 other videos on the same topic please watch mine. It only has 30 ads in it."

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