#Egypt #vacation The tomb of Ramses III in the Valley of the Kings Egypt

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June 2017 – DNA analysis concludes that Egyptian mummies consist of NOT from sub-Sahara, and in point from “Near Asia & European” DNA, as a result debunking the present narrative outlined by Egyptologists and mainstream archaeologists. DNA collected from ancient Egyptian mummy’s not much from the Pyramids of Egypt did not consist of sub-Sahara DNA […]

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Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed yet one more key come across in the Nile metropolis of Luxor: the three,500 calendar year aged tomb of a popular goldsmith made up of statues, jewelry, and, of study course, mummies. It is considered the website, which contains a courtyard, two burial shafts and an alcove made up of a […]


  1. The pyramids are what you go to Egypt for, but the Valley of the Kings is what you leave in awe of. This was one of the tomb I went into there and it was just pure amazement how big and ornate even the hallways going down to the tombs were.

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