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Every pyramid of Egypt has its very own element of secret and intrigue but the Bent Pyramid is 1 that unquestionably captivates the creativeness. Situated in the royal necropolis of Dahshur, close to 40 km south of Cairo, it was drawn and documented by eminent students these kinds of as Perring and Petrie, but the Bent Pyramid nevertheless leaves fashionable scientists scratching their heads as we test to have an understanding of the inspiration to have a clear and clear improve in architecture.

I would strongly urge you all to study and download the superb papers by researcher, Keith Hamilton, which can be located by pursuing these inbound links:

All images are taken from Google Images, Keith Hamilton’s papers and Isida Venture for academic applications only.


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  1. To fully understand why there are two slope angles, you would have to know what pyramids were used for. To speculate, the advance mathematical construction, that were used, leads to a conclusion, a two slope angles was designed that way. There is a step pyramid also. Having two slope angles, allows the pyramid to achieve a specific height, while using less blocks. However, a two slope angle pyramid, may have caused it to not function properly. Or, all pyramids are constructed like this, but the steep base angle is buried far underground. From my perspective, this was a planned and calculated project.

  2. Even if it wasn't unstable, the builders could have been concerned that it was, and without modern engineering knowledge couldn't be sure. So rather than risk its later collapse, they changed the angle. Or perhaps they just ran out of money, forcing them to change the angle, as someone else suggested.

  3. nononono, it was definitely designed this way. Look into the sacred geometry of it and you will see this pyramid is a great display of knowledge. That is probably what all the pyramids are, displays or records of knowledge and we just havent been about to decode them all. The ancients knew about recurring catastrophe and can you think of a better way to preserve knowledge that will stand the test of time better than a giant stone pyramid?

  4. In this case I believe the original narrative.
    This Pyramid has had to be repaired several times. Both in the modern and the ancient, suggesting the structure isn't as stable as the video claims.

    Also Sneferu went onto build 2 more pyramids, because these where the first pyramids of it's kind. And he was trying to perfect the design. Possibly copying the design at Giza. If you want to follow the pre Egyptian narrative.

  5. 3:38 "simply can not argue with facts"
    Are there actually any facts in Egyptology? It's a bit of a guessing game, especially Old kingdom or Megalithic.
    The best we can realistically hope for is a groundswell of pragmatic reasoning.
    The so called 'bent' pyramid has two distinct resonating harmonic frequencies, whereas other more conventional pyramids have one.
    The Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum is broadly accepted as being a facility to treat physical symptoms with sonic waves.

    The water submerging the sarcophagus in the pit of Zawyet el-Aryan (as covered in your previous videos) was clearly a process related to the Essenic resurrection rituals.
    It's like some full on Kamar Taj training centre thing, going on ….. right there on the banks of the Nile.

  6. The academics claim that the bent pyramid exists according to its design…………….but when we see the perfection that is the Great Pyramid the academics tell us that the builders changed their minds a couple times during its construction and its original concept was never produced….

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