#Egypt #vacation The Music Encoded into the Good Pyramid of Egypt | Ancient Architects

Just one researcher who has arguably performed the most amount of investigate on the Good Pyramid is David Alan Ritchie and his guide, We The Skythians is a single of the most outstanding reads you will ever arrive across.

He clarifies the in depth mathematics and geometry encoded in the Giza Plateau. The dimensions and positions of the a few big pyramids and their subsidiary satellites, temples and walls, when measured in Royal Cubits and Inches, mark out all the figures and principles of sacred geometry. Soon after twenty many years of investigate, his findings are beautiful.

Just one of the things he has discovered is that there is a musical melody encoded into the programs of the Good Pyramid and in this movie you can uncover out all about it and pay attention to it for on your own.

Photos are taken from Google Photos for educational applications.
Some photographs are taken from We The Skythians by David Alan Ritchie
The full unique tunes can be listened to at

All legal rights reserved by David Alan Ritchie.


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  1. Interesting very interesting.
    Why is it I feel like I've been taken back to one of the original Star Trek episodes.
    The one where they had to fix the monolit before the meteorite crashed into the planet with the native Americans were on.
    Sorry had to say it. Good Video.

  2. Seems like We the Skythians is a hard book to find, at least here in the US. It's not even available on Amazon.

    Also, I like how your outro music blended with pyramid song at the end of the video.

  3. Note that thick black line next to Campbell Tomb in the picture in 4:36 is pointing through Lion, the Sphinx to the Lion's Rock in Sigiriya, entering the Sigiriya complex via north-western corner.
    Exactly same applies to a line from Ollyantantambo to Tiwanaku, and to line from Torino (45 04'15,65"N 7 41'8,18"E) to great ?pyramid in Xi'An (34 26'37,88"N 108 56'26,77"E).
    If first was a tomb od Osiris(Hades), then maybe second is a tomb of Poseidon(Feathered Snake), and third is a tomb of Dzeus.

  4. Couldn't help but think a door was going g to open. Sorry old time gamer here! But what would happen if that was played in the great pyramid? The resonance would be different because the hole that was put in the monument yrs ago.

  5. What purpose would it serve to build the most magnificent building ever for music? I somewhat understand the mathematics of it. But why. Why such intense laborious structures for music?
    If i missed something. Sorry.

  6. Great work as usual, it's an astonishing structure, not to mention all the aspects of it's ratio to that of the earth in numbers, its geographical placement in the centre of the earth's landmass and how it lines up with many other ancient structures throughout the world. The numerological aspects are amazing as well as it's inner structure in terms of sound frequencies. It's a strong indication of Atlantis having been a worldwide civilisation, although it probably did still have had a 'centre' as Plato indicated.

  7. I think that you need to do 3rd part of Atlantis search including hipotesis that it could be in America. Why? :
    1. There is flooded "city" in the Bahamas. 2. Ancient Mexico was made of concentric rings of city and water like the Atlantis.
    3. Name "Aztl'ān" may be of same roots as Atl'as after whom Atlantis was named.
    4. There is giant trident carved on a coast of Peru near to Nazca were allegedly some sort of airplanes were used (I think some gliders).

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