#Egypt #vacation The Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Historic Port of Alexandria

Alexandria, Egypt was started by Alexander the Excellent in April 331 BC ,and became the money of the Graeco-Egyptian world. The 2nd greatest town in Egypt, Alexandria also was called “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”. The ancient port town was house for one particular of the 7 Wonders of the Historic Environment – The Pharos of Alexandria (The Lighthouse of Alexandria).
The port served as a key heart for commerce and trade linking Europe with the Middle East and all other points along the Mediterranean Sea. It was an critical route for retailers and vacationers of ancient situations that allowed for trade and cultural trade among emergent peoples of the region. Inside a handful of generations Alexandria come to be the greatest town in the world 2nd only to Rome. Significantly of the town design and style and development arrived beneath the rule of Ptolemy and his successors, afterwards by the Roman Empire. The town was not only a heart for trade but also became the worlds to start with heart for cultural and scientific study. The Musaeum at Alexandria (Museum of Alexander) also recognised as the Library of Alexandria come to be an critical world heart for Greek music, poetry, a philosophical faculty and library. The well-known institution introduced together some of the most effective scholars of the Hellenistic world paving the way for advancing the review of arithmetic, astrology, anatomy to title a handful of.
Alexandria also served as the environment for the stormy relationship among Cleopatra and Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. The town remained an critical buying and selling port right up until a sequence of earthquakes and tidal waves pushed the town into drop. By the time Napoleon landed he uncovered a sparsely populated fishing village.

I have labored on recreating ancient Alexandria for about three decades, off and on. My operate is depicts the ancient town and port of Alexandria as it would have looked like based mostly on the newest theories of underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio. Remember to subscribe and stop by my website www.ancientvine.com.


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