#Egypt #vacation Stone Mysteries of Historic The usa | Jim Vieira | Megalithomania

Stonemason and giantologist Jim Vieira shares his research on megalithic and stone internet sites all in excess of North The usa which includes stone circles, monoliths, serpent effigies, chambers, mounds, dolmens and other structures. Jim is the co-author of Giants On History: America’s Concealed Historical past, Techniques in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Documents (2015) with Hugh Newman, and has been on numerous Tv reveals on Historical past Channel, Journey Channel and Gaia Tv.

Jim is co-web hosting a tour to historic Egypt and Jordan in November/December 2019. Specifics below:

Filmed and edited by Zohar Stargate Tv in January 2019.
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  1. I believe most of these enclosures are ancient outhouses, and the surrounding stones are actually petrified fecal matter. What's curious is the absence of toilet paper however, after so many years its possible it just blew away.

  2. excellent reporting and very needed in America so busy and preoccupied – as a meditator and a user of many crystals I would suggest that some of these chambers were used by yogi like characters during their time of their spiritual unfoldment also consider that people needed to protect their communities with massive stone works to fend against the very large animals

  3. Right off in the beginning he says the colonial people built 250,000 miles of stone walls in New England. I don't dispute that estimate, but I simply don't believe the colonists built any more than a tiny fraction of that amount. Who built the rest? When, Why?

  4. hi iv e been to hundreds of sites all over ireland and france where i now live the stone work is identical to celtic stone work i am also fascinated with stone work which i also build with

  5. Fascinating information. Smithsonian and elites in power have gone to great lengths to destroy and hide the evidence of a race of Giants. Yes, almost all early, pioneer settlers found giant remains. These findings are recorded in early diaries, journals, etc by respected members of those communities. Yes, EVERYTHING we have been taught is screwed, untrue. I hope truth can now be uncovered and finally accepted.

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