#Egypt #vacation Sailing the Nile on an Egyptian Felucca – Aswan to Luxor!

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  1. Thanks for posting!! I did my trip up the Nile in '99 and your vid brings back so many memories. Including our captain drinking himself sick (literally) every night. Coming into Aswan during Ramadan. Memories and senses and smells I couldn't pay to replace.

  2. Fantastic! Traveled Egypt my first time back in 1987. Looks like this guy had as much fun as I did. Egypt is a fascinating place to travel on public transport, felucca or even camel. Safety first nowadays for obvious reasons but the real Egyptian people are warm and friendly in the main with no agenda once you get off the tourist trap. Not sure if I would travel the way I did back then now . It's a shame the world is in such a state!!

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