#Egypt #vacation Robot Footage & Pics at Giza Pyramid!

Djedi is a robotic inside the pyramid checking out tunnels and new rooms. Persons are not able to go where by the robotic can, so he serves a practical purpose in the job. It gathers are living footage and photos from its compact digicam.


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  1. It's a pneumatic lift, with a sled in the grand gallery and a counterweight in the void with a rope on it. The chambers were not for royalty they were to control the direction of the lift. The shafts had pistons (series of blocks, or something else that has been since removed,) to operate the counterweight. The power to operate came from the vacuum created by the water draining into the base of the pyramid, the well shaft being where the vacuum went up to the chambers. The stone ball found in one of the shafts was a check ball to control the speed when changing directions. Modern automatic transmissions use this to control the speed of shifts. Hot rodders sometimes take them out for quicker harsher shifts. One chamber needed to be bigger or smaller if the the sled would be empty and would have to overcome the counterweight without a load, or if it operated easier in one direction than the other for some reason. I believe all the mechanisms were removed when it was sealed up to make it safer for the naturally curious. No harm once the Nile had wandered away.

    Maybe it was a pilgrimage spot, where visitors could be awed by the power of the Pharaoh in the afterlife by this machine taking them to the top. I mean if you don't want your stuff stolen or your corpse in the afterlife, you bury them in the sand not in a conspicuous tomb that would forever need to be guarded. Like the Lincoln memorial, it's not where Lincoln is buried.

  2. what's with those 2 handles in between those walls ..fascinating structure all those stones all that work for what's inside a few rooms and the gallery..that red paint on the rock inside that caverty…some say powerstation who knows all copper would have desintergrated after few thousand years

  3. The star galleries were obviously tuning ducts to alter the resonant frequencies generated by the "King" and "Queen" chambers. The grappling hooks on the 'doors' were used to tether block and tackle to shift the doors up and down the ducts to change the pitch of the Pyramids output. Similar to a trombone slide.

  4. I think the Pyramid Code documentary is the closest to the facts, there are so many more features suggesting it's a mechanism rather than a tomb.

  5. Oh, if hawass is in charge, you're not going to find out shit. Anything of significance will be withheld from the public by these corrupt assholes. Anything you do see is considered safe for the public and insignificant. Which is why you never see or hear of anything jaw dropping. It's all hidden away behind closed doors.
    Never any new discoveries. In fact, this hawass guy and the Egyptian government doesn't even allow any further excavation! How's that for apples.

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