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1st working day in Luxor, and we get hustled by Adam.

It was around 100 deg. Farenheight, but we savored our time there! 🙂 This is a established of two extra films I will be publishing about my time in Egypt, I put in 3 times in Luxor and two times in Cairo! It was a wonderful and very hot area.

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Enjoyment IN ATHENS:



  1. Egyptian and black r like 2 peas in a pot. A lot of arabs have a black bloodline.. and a lot are African arab, like Sudan a middle easter country with black Arabs, or Somali. A lot of arabs have African roots and a lot of curly hair. Egypt is i in Africa it’s like saying being Hispanic in Miami lol that’s the beauty of arabs they come in different colors. Theirs a lot of Afro arabs I love Egypt

  2. Pigment protect skin from sun damage. So in sunny areas white people need to cover up.
    North African people cover themselves from sun damage.
    Why do blacks insist Egypt history is their own?

  3. Akhenaten's family

    *Queen Tiye (mother)



    Amenhotep3 (father)




    Tut's Father; Akhenaten type



    Possible Nefertari type of Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt, ranging from Arab-like appearance tpo recognizably black

    Possible Tut type in Aswan and Beja youth

    A little extra

    There's no need to guess about Akhenaton and Nefertiti's appearance. The sculptor often kept molds of the person for quick reference (probably due to the fact that high officias couldn't be there all the time) . Keep in mind that the ancient Egyptians had a conventional style that sometimes compromised the person's natural appearance, but a plaster cast mask is the person's real appearance

    Ladies and gentlemen, from the sculptors studio of Thutmose, plaster cast mask of both Nefertiti and Akhanaton. These are not artist conceptions. You're looking at them

    A more stylized conventional version

    For a better understanding of the stylized version vs realistic. On the left is a cast mask of Amenhotep iii, on the right is an conventional conception with a slightly different nose type.

    We can be more certain of the ones from the sculptor's studio

    Tiye more realistic

    A few wall paintings

    Some examples of modern types that lean more towards the " black" African phenotype. …Southern Egyptians

    These are all anceirnt Egyptian as well




    Amenemhat III from Kunstshistorisches Museum Vienna Austria

    Amnht lll again from the 12th dynasty

    Ankhtifi 11th dynasty. These are shocking because they're darker than Chestnut brown —- a bit different from the general perception of Egyptian paintings



    2 ( scroll through)

    Kheti 12th dynasty



    3 Assuring no contrast distortion, notice the light skin guy in the middle

    From the tomb of Khnumhotep of the 12th dynasty. Line one shows the Hyksos people. These are like the Palestinian and other Levant people of today ( which is similar to Cairo population). Line 2 shows Egyptian men.http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b4/Beni-Hassan-Asiatiques1.jpg

    No Afrocentric hoax. They are really in that contrast ( chestnut, hazelnut, and brazilnut shell brown)

    Amenemhet3 12th dynasty ( those are locks on his head. Notice the stylized bushy new growth near the scalp)http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FM924F-IFK8/UUqfm3QvM-I/AAAAAAAAJaI/Qz50KlduoAM/s1600/amenemhet3.jpg.

    More rarities of Amenemhat later in posthttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/ea/a0/50/eaa050955974fcbe28f2fb752ff19bdb.jpg

    It's like we're looking at Huni of the 3rd dynasty (left), Mentuhotep (right), and Hatshepsut (backround) in this scene.

    The blacks in ancient Egypt were Beja type in appearence.and not West African. They ain't went nowhere and still live in the area. They are the only ones in that region to display an unbroken continuity of ancient Egyptian style. Talking hairstyle, robes, pouches, bracelets etc. We have photos of them in the mid 1800s wearing this stuff in their nomadic state. As though their Ancient ancestors fled invasion, settled in the desert, time past, sand covered monuments, the desendants forgot about ancient Egypt and what it was all about, but still retained the base essentials like clothes ornaments , and hair

    Photo of Beja family of the 1800s

    Menkaure triad

    Menkaure's queen with microbraids

    Beja women with microbraids
    Modern and from the 1800s ( scroll through 3 pictures)

    Possible Menkaure lookalike from the area

    Menkaure with Nubian hair under nemes



    Though a Kenyan man of the 1800s, this is what's being portrayed under the nemes

    The modern type was there as well but as an African American, I like to amplify the black component of ancient Egypt…..even though there's no direct descent

    These are the chestnut and hazelnut brown people seen in the wall paintings of Ankhtifi Nakht, and Kheti's


    North Sudan

    Coal black Nubians of Southern Sudan

    The people seen as yellowish and orangish tones in ancient Egyptian art


    Check out replies, or…

    See my uploads for more on this and Sub-Saharan African history

  4. Your an exotic in Egypt . You need to have done research before traveling and tone down not to expose your self as a tourist imho. Other than that it was a interesting vlog and I admire your strength and courage.

  5. Did you hear about the black woman going to Philidephia schools and teaching black kids their ancestors built the pyramids by flyig the stones around using only their minds? Lol and you people believe this shit lol! The same school was teaching the kids that Hannibal was black until some archeologist found coins with his bust. Hannible is White as President Donald Trump lol! I would feel sorry for the black race if you were not so violent. Afrcans are 20% of the population but commit 40% of the violent crime. Did you hear about the little asian girl who was raped by one of your brothers? He was so violent he broke her neck and now she is paraplegic and her mind is gone too, That is the type of behavior you Africans are known for. Why you might ask? Because it's what blacks do you people are evil.

  6. You look like you belong there…but it's not "getting hustled" like everyone is trying to take advantage of you, the culture there and most places in the world is you BARGAIN. You check it out, walk away and check out similar items, quality, etc and YOU make the offer on what you want to pay. We're not comfortable with it because in the "West" everything is a fixed price. You offer what you think is FAIR…without disrespecting the shopkeeper. That's part of the larger world – go easy.

  7. Most of these people are mixed races that came from Turkey and Germany which mixed with africans and the black Arabs in the Middle East but their blood can be traced back to turkey, Germany and Europe

  8. Well modern egyotians are 90% African today .they only share 3% with original and ancient Egyptians. The arab Islamic conquest and slave trade plus nubian invasion of 1400bc altered the race forever.

  9. Hey! I didn't see any Pharaohs or Red Sea! Where's Moses?!?..What happened to the pyramids? On a serious note, this is a nice vid, and I didn't know Egyptians look like us.

  10. Thats a tough place for a tourist. I went with my girl for my birthday. I went for the ancient history and she went to site see. SMH she didnt know she had to keep her elbows and knee caps covered. but i had a good time…. lol

  11. I just don't know why any Africans or any black person would go to any Arab countries, when they have such a disgusting hatred for black people, the worst are Rich African Americans putting millions of Dollars in the economy by visiting Dubai, I'm sure not all Arabs are racist toward Black people, but when you do the research, you always hear more negative stories than positive from the people living there and visitors.

  12. I am sad for all those retarded Americans that have nothing to do in their lives but talk about other people's politics, economic policies and ancestries. Calling those terrorists , that a dictator, those commies, those bad hombers and those Arabs while they themselves don't know who there fathers are

  13. Black people tend to be very susceptible to religious indoctrination (brainwashing), which is why they are so violently adamant in protecting their views.

    They have this mentality about continents being islands, which is and is not true. Africa is not a continent otherwise it would not be connected to Asia. Continents have a very poor definition. You basically have three definitions of a continent and only of them is plausibly valid.

    1) Political Continents. You say what is and is not a continent. That is all it is. This explains Europe because Europe is not a continent otherwise.
    2) Tectonic Continents. Problem with this is Plates don't actually fit in orderly configurations. For instance, the African Plate. Southern Spain, Cyprus, and Israel are all on the African Plate. So they should be considered parts of Africa, but it would make no sense having the Earth's continents drawn in such a manner. Plus you would have an Arabian Continent, Central American Continent, India and Australia would be on the same continent, Far Eastern Siberia is on the North American Plate. Just a total mess.
    3) Continuous Landmass Continents. This would lower the number of continents to about four and historically, not too long ago there were only three as America and Afroeurasia were once one continent when Native Americans crossed over into the Americas.

    However, Black people would not accept the Continuous Landmass definition, because it would invalidate the premise of Africa being solely a Black land. They would have to concede that Egyptians, for instance, might not have been the same kind of people that populated the rest of Africa to the South.

    Black People believe in what is called a God and due to that they also believe in what is called purity. This is actually something that is used to control them, but they are willing to abide by it as they are again easily susceptible to indoctrination.

    Black People have a hard time understanding that you need evidence that can stand on its own against scrutiny. Having just plausible evidence is not good enough. It doesn't work to provide truth as too many contrary things can be supported by evidence if that evidence is not taken into account of being subjected to scrutiny.

    When we take the information about a Black Egypt (a pure Black Egypt) and scrutinize it, we see a lot of holes in the information. One in particular bit concerns language, which Black people adamantly refuse to acknowledge.

    What language did Egyptians speak? They will make assumptions that have nothing to do with the phonics, syntax or grammar of Ancient Egyptian and validate their claim it is some sort of African language, whether Cushitic, Nilotic or West African. All which are laughably stupid and easy to dismiss.

    The Cushitic one is the only one that can stand to an extent, but this is because Cushitic is related to Semitic as Afro-Asiatic language Groups, similar to Germanic and Indo-Iranian have a common ancestor.

    There is also evidence that Cushites are not completely indigenous to that region of Africa rather they moved in from the Arabian Peninsula and this evidence from the people who lived there around the Persian Gulf area such as the Chaldeans and Maghan people. I am sure there are Black Africans who want to make the claim that these moved in from the Southwest, but more evidence suggests they migrated to that location from the North.

    We know that all Eurasian Groups and Afro-Asiatic groups have a common ancestor known as the Borean Grouping and we know Borean share a common ancestor with the Malian people and certain Nilotic groups. So we do know Boreans once lived in African and probably in Egypt to some extent before migrating into Asia.

    We know that they diverged in Iraq with one group migrating East to become the East Asian and Southeast Asian people, while another group migrated further North into the Caucasus region, which in turn explains why the Caucasus shows more diversity than all of Europe and West Asia combined. Then certain groups diverged North and South of the Caucasus leading to one group that would become Turks, Mongols, Koreans, Japanese, Indo-Europeans, and Uralic people, while the other group would become the Afro-Asiatic People, the Georgians and the Dravidians.

     This suggests Somali ancestors were at one point in time living in Asia and perhaps even in Europe around the Caucasus before migrated through the Arabian Peninsula and displacing the Nilotic people who lived there before them.

    We know that Nilotic People had inhabited East Africa before any Cushitic people had shown up there. Therefore, technically Cushites are Ancient Boers if that makes any sense to you.

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