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Find out about the mystical state of Egypt in this small story for little ones. The trio of Appu, Neena and her puppy, Tiger, adore to vacation the entire world and head to the land of the Pyramids, in this story about Egypt. After they get there, they consider a camel trip to the Pyramids. The tour information describes the thriller that the Pyramids are.

Appu, Neena and Tiger consider a tour inside the Pyramids. It has a slender passage inside and they attain the burial chamber. Applying Appu’s teleporting powers, the trio reaches the museum in Cairo, the place they discover a lot of Gold. They also arrive across a mummy, just before they go to Cairo’s busy marketplace.

After buying some mouth watering meals, they teleport to the longest river in the entire world, The Nile. They also visit the Valley of the Kings. Appu describes to Neena and Tiger about how quite a few people today were being utilized to establish the humongous statues, just before they feast on extra common Egyptian meals!

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