#Egypt #vacation Professor Brilliantly Explains How the Giza Pyramids & Sphinx are at minimum 10000 A long time Outdated

The key slide lecture handles many factors of the secrets and mysteries of the esoteric Wonderful Pyramid and the Sphinx relating to the speculation that the Wonderful Pyramid and Sphinx were constructed by a incredibly ancient civilization, possibly older than 10,000 BC. The innovative sacred architecture, astronomy, mathematics and “etheric energy” of the Wonderful Pyramid will be protected in the lecture, as very well as possible construction approaches and the use of the Wonderful Pyramid and Sphinx as an ancient temple for initiation and religious ceremonies and not a mere tomb for the dynastic pharoh, Cheops.

The lecture on the Wonderful Pyramid and Sphinx is inspired by a six week investigate industry vacation Professor Scott Ogburn made to Egypt in December 1976 and January 1977, going to the Wonderful Pyramid and Sphinx and going to other Egyptian Temples, most notably the Temple at Karnak. There will be a shorter secondary slide lecture of Mayan Sacred Architecture, just the pyramids and astronomical observatories at Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba, Palenque, Tikal, Dzbilichaltun, Uxmal, and Mayapan. There will be a temporary discussion of ideas of Mayan astronomy and mathematics and how this relates to their Sacred Architecture and their prophecies. The essential mythology of the Maya civilization will also be linked to their Sacred Architecture, hieroglyphics, sculpture and art.


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  1. I really enjoyed listening to this fellow. I agree with the bulk of these ideas and especially with his spirituality. I think it's great that he's willing to put himself into the public eye with these concepts.
    Bravo to you Professor Scott Ogburn

  2. So he lists those people who buy into the idea that the pyramid is a temple for initiation and is 12…..or 36 thousand years old….. All barking mad. No archaeologists but this crap…… there's no dispute.

  3. You wonder if the Egyptians had anything at all to do with their construction. They wrote everything down right down the most meaningless minutia. Yet not single scarp of Papyrus, tablet, painting…indicates how they built them. It is just not plausible. They used the Pyramids for their own purposes, but didn't construct them.

  4. So what if the churches of today are using sound as a form of energy, for what reason though I'm not sure maybe it dissipates to the people inside the church, or possibly something in the spiritual plane. Exceptionally the great pyramid uses sound as a form energy, but its construction is more direct with inner tunnels directed to certain areas in and out of pyramid, its still collecting energy which means it's on going system. It's just a theory I'm only picking whatever information from this guy, I'm assuming that means the Great Pyramid was a temple that used sound and electromagnetic energy and conserve the energy either dispersing the energy into the land, or if they contained them in certain areas, its difficult to understand.

  5. Who the f**k is shockly??

    And I doubt that he climbed the pyramid or the sphinx at night. For many reasons that I don't have to sit here and waste my time explaining. If you've been there, then you know what I'm talking about. BS!!

  6. imagine if this pyramid was in America.. we will definitely have no idea it existed.
    f america to hell with them and their killuminati dollars.. no one can live for ever only the creator of the world..

  7. About 12,000 or 31,000 years old?
    Why limit yourself?
    I hear no explaining why both the great pyramid and sphyinx are 870,000 years old.
    This is when Egyptians really got their act together.
    And we went to the moon the first time shortly before this.

  8. Wow. So many people nit picking this professor to death in the comments.

    He does not claim to be a guru, an ascended master or even the best lecturer. If some of you didn't notice, the trip to Giza he mentioned was over 40 years ago, putting him in his 60's or 70's now. He may be dealing with any number of physical issues that you know nothing about……but here we are bitching about relatively inconsequential details regarding his delivery or at times his articulation…..as if he's struggling to articulate the often unfathomable mysteries of the universe specifically to offend you. He even closed the lecture with goodwill wishes to everyone on their individual paths. Some of you are not on a higher path. Ceck yourselves.

    He is just like you and I. Questing. Searching for truth.

    I liked the lecture and took many valuable nuggets of information from it, which is all that truly matters.

    I wish him well as I do most everyone else on our individual and collective paths toward enlightenment, empowerment, transcendance and…….compassion.

  9. is the queens chamber older than the kings chamber. Was queen used to build .king .They made water and compressed air. When the machine is working, water is in everything up to the water mark in the kings chamber. Above the mark is compressed air…A road sign from our ancient ancestors.

  10. Yes, the guy’s voice is geeky and he’s not the best presenter, but having spent decades reviewing info, reading all I could about this stuff, I think the guy adds some good information. Earth mysteries are fun to research and theorize about. Glad we have YouTube to allow these academically unacceptable topics to be shared for all to see and then pursue our own research and own “truth” based upon all evidence, not just what makes it through the academic knowledge filter.

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