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The 30-ton black granite sealed sarcophagus that was discovered in Alexandria earlier this month has been opened and within are the continues to be of three quite possibly Roman troopers and A Good deal of sewer h2o!

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  1. A roman heard some fantastic tale of resurrection and thought this magic box would revive his family. He was put to death or exiled when news of his blasphemy spread, leaving the sarcophagus sealed and forgotten.

  2. Time travelers buried deep so that no one could find them? Watch Egyptologists claim they are run of the mill citizens. The truth is hidden from us so they can keep their titles.

  3. How did sewer water get inside a sealed granite coffin seems like the tourist levels have dropped so they need somthing to excite the world again full of shit really like the coffin

  4. 1Alexander III of Macedon (20/21 July 356 BC) sarcophagus was opened around his birthday

    2While Alexander's funeral cortege was on its way to Macedon, Ptolemy seized it and took it temporarily to Memphis.[141][143] His successor, Ptolemy II Philadelphus, transferred the sarcophagus to Alexandria, where it remained until at least late Antiquity. Ptolemy IX Lathyros

    3one of Ptolemy's final successors, replaced Alexander's sarcophagus with a glass one so he could convert the original to coinage

    4Pompey, Julius Caesar and Augustus all visited the tomb in Alexandria, where Augustus, allegedly, accidentally knocked the nose off. Caligula was said to have taken Alexander's breastplate from the tomb for his own use. Around AD 200, Emperor Septimius Severus closed Alexander's tomb to the public. His son and successor, Caracalla, a great admirer, visited the tomb during his own reign. After this, details on the fate of the tomb are hazy.

    5 The alabaster bust looks a lot like those ones of Caligula, who stole the things inside most likely and left his alabaster bust as a bad joke, remember that this man made his horse senator and has a very dark sense of humour.

    Happy bday Alexander!

  5. Just as I thought would happen. These boxes are far older than the people who found them an repurposed them as their own. The fact that they found it with some kind of cement sealing it closed was evidence enough that it was used by someone else and not the original builder of the object. And the head statue was not found with it. It was found in close proximity yards away.

  6. You're probably wrong again with your analogy but we'll find out later on. I believe there MOORS. BLACK RACE. FREEMAN POEPLE. Have a question what do you get out of robbing someone's history. A white wash stories or time. There's NO way those could be caucasian remains. They do have melanoma in their body. The sun would have kill them at a young age.

  7. Ok this is going to sound crazy. But I was playing on Google earth. And think I found something in western u.s. The footings of a round building , close to the old Indian cliff houses . No roads or trails anywhere around it . Inside a almost hidden box canyon. Anyone now who I should call to find out anything . ???????????

  8. Sarcopogus made with black granite quaried from either south of Nile River or from Sinai Desert which is far away from the site, indicates that, Sarcophogus itself is made for the persons of very very important individuals may of Royalties. That attracts some suspiciouns surrounding it. If those individuals are ordinary people why that sarcopogus made with hard granite which is quaried from hundreds of miles away?

  9. since the opening was not done live, anything "found" inside this "coffin" is not a legit find… at least not to the public, which is all that should matter. people need to stop putting their trust in the hands of those who have never done a thing to earn it (having a PHD doesn't earn my trust in the slightest).

  10. often, during its aggressive expansion & conquests, Roman officer bodies which had died violent/ honorable deaths in battle would not make it back as-far as their home so the Legoin carried doctors also skilled in fast preservation techniques to quickly condition the respected military leader for a fast but ceremonial burial. The living officers would order some fast yet suitable service which allowed the ranks of troops distraught over loosing their beloved leaders to see respectful burial and pay respect.
    That being said , what is the main booty from far-off wars? Any good soldier knows it’s I tems of value and plunder …items such as massive sarcophagus which would be intended or used by the defeated groups rulers/ honored dead kings/ priests/ etc. Items that the vanquished held in high regard would be doubly suitable for repurposing since it permitted the honor of the dead military Roman officers but was a veritable “ FU” to the defeated army.
    So, likely these were hastily but super honorably buried Roman battle leaders who were quickly buried in a repurposed sarcophagi that the former occupant ( maybe a mummy with riches but they woulda plundered that stuff) was tossed from it and the hero with an arrow in his head and two other battle hero’s were all respectfully – but quickly so the blow flies didn’t get to feeding on their corpses – buried in this grand , to-the-Romans-staggeringly-symbolic-of-power-and-mastery-over-the-defeated-people’s-leader-it-was-made-for – black, powerful and suitable burial chamber . They’d have a pomp and abridged service , far from home, then cry, get drunk and march the phalanx-boys onward to the next city on their planned victory tour….

    It’s the ancient , land based equivalent of a burial at sea by the Royal Navy. If it happens to repurpose some local symbol of respect, all the better to report to the loved ones years later once back home that a suitable burial had been performed to the family of the fallen.
    The buggering, wino Romans probably wrote songs about them and the black box they were protected in whilst spitting on the corpses of the vanquished underlings….we tend to give ancients far too passive a representation ; it was pretty gory,disrespecting and violent back then . Add to that the multitude of infectious sources they had to constantly consider and you can see why they chucked these battle victims into some local coffin which they dumped some historically relevant figure from it and emptied their bladders on the original occupant as a last burn prior to marching on. The ultimate dis to the defeated which simultaneously pays über-respect ( “props,dawg”* pours beer on sarcophagus*) to the beloved ,shot in the noggin leader…

    I would imagine Roman soldiers and their primitive war mentality was not unlike modern isis or Taliban or ms13 gangs are. We romanticize them far too much …they were paid to kill and squash whoever they were ordered to so ….it isn’t hard to see this repurposed sarcophagus filled with Roman fallen officers at all.


  11. Only 3?…..In that case, they need to dig around, there is got to be 8 more some were… The whole darn game team!….  Did they actually believe people will buy this nonsense.  We want truth!!

  12. 3 was a very important number in Egyptian mythology. This has more meaning if they aren’t important beings locked in a sarcophagus. The fact they weren’t preserved. The fact that that much water could possibly leak in a sealed coffin. That weight is far enough to suppress any water leaking in through the lid. Now considering that it ain’t sewer water which it almost certainly isn’t, that would either be their remains or a special liquid believed to serve purpose for the deceased. Whether it’s a spirit depressant or a sacrifice or whatever. It should have been opened live, and tested by trusted people.

  13. Where's the actual photos and video from a distance showing then opening it, not photos after it's been opened. Why was seweage in a motar sealed ancient coffin with 3 bodies?
    Quick to announce it was soldiers before proper analysis…
    One would only seal sewage in a sarcophagus with Human remains as a means to desecrate and show a message of disrespect to whomever the bodily remains belonged to.
    And if it's roughly 2,000 years old I can only guess and speculate who's bodily remains those are- and I only get one answer about WHO 1 of them is. He was 33 at the time of his death and he was murdered. His messages still live on, but they are dying.
    This is not correct info that was given.

  14. Why wouldn't they do this live in this day of age?. They lie about our history and don't want to risk exposing it. Whoever these people were buried in there were not VIPs, that is no way to bury important people. Use your brains.

  15. Preliminary examination shows the skeletons are army officers? Lol give me a fucking break. How on earth do you do that one? A day after you opened the box, you say 'yep it's army officers'. How the hell can people believe this crap?

  16. Sadly this is fake.
    The skeleton’s appear smaller than our skulls.
    The box was build for a giant.
    How does sewer water leak into a sealed sarcophagus, with no sewer lines nearby?

    This has to be a cover up.

  17. Doesn’t make any sense!Why this huge granite super heavy box has only 3 mummies nothing else and Why it hasn’t been opened on a video online for everyone to watch.i don’t trust the Egyptian government anyway!

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