#Egypt #vacation NEW YORK: ‘Big Bus’ Metropolis tour | He insulted me | My Negative Knowledge

On the twenty eighth day of my US journey (May well 2018), I booked Hop on-hop off ‘Big Bus’ tour to see the well known vacationer attractions in New York. I had a poor encounter with the Huge Bus tour Tutorial. Observe this video to see the Staten Island ferry tour to see the glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, New York. Also, see the New York’s Central Park.

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  1. Although Kevin was speaking in his natural speed and accent, where he went WRONG was " not having Respect for fellow passenger's sentiment ".
    That thing neither American nor Indian modern schools bother to teach.

  2. man don't mind but I think you suffer from the Nice Guy Syndrome. mostly you suppress your ego and being over polite and smiling artificially because there is always an interest but you chose to argue with him because you thought you spent your money on him and so you could afford to thrash him.

  3. dude that is not your country. he was speaking in a perfectly polite tone! I think you misunderstood him. You are trying to be confrontational. Have some self awareness and learn to speak tactfully.

  4. Indians always have more expectations. You cannot always have it your own way, we live in a imperfect world and that adjustments and compromises are part of our lives

  5. Greetings from Bangladesh. I have seen you capturing footage where I would not dare to do that. But sometimes you are very smart asking people " is it ok to video." That really fine. You could have compliment him first than ask him to deliver him slowly. BTW I envy your subscriber base. keep it up. Keep going.

  6. Varun is kind of a guy who takes help from everyone but would not help anyone. From this video Varun has shown us he is also rude and racist. If it would have been white guy varun would have talked nicely. Way to go Varun, now I know you why you travel alone.

  7. I am from Pakistan and I really felt bad when the guide made fun of you but bro sometimes it's good to keep quiet and we have to accept whatever is coming to us. Like they say, do in Rome as the Romans do

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