#Egypt #vacation New discovery at Pyramids of Giza.

Egypt has unveiled its newest archeological discovery, dating back again nearly four thousand 5 hundred a long time. Historical Egyptian tombs for elite associates of a royal family members were being located in pristine situation. The new web sites will be portion of a substantial face-raise for the tourist region all-around the Pyramids of Giza. In this article is CGTN’s Adel el Mahrouky with extra.

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  1. All lies the pyrimidswere built before the ice age not by the Egyptians… The evidence is astounding our focus should be on marine arceology because most city's and kingdoms are now benthe water because of the ice cap melting.

  2. hahaha poor dead, before they air and televise, those gold pure gold that they are holding and necklase had been stolen by these, they dont do discovery they do discovery to get some money and they do treasure hunting LOL, each member of royal egyptian wears a fucking expensive gold that you may not able to see nowadays hahahaha damn these greedy people, those dead people are resting in peace, why you have to dig them up fuckers! hope when you die, samething will happen to you, someone will dig you bitch imagine you are resting in peace and somebullshit like these people will dig you up just for so called discovery, yet they will steal what valuable things you got LOL

  3. We all know the Egyptians didn't build the pyramids there just squatters claiming the fam. the wosrt part is most of them know that and they still lie and make there selves look dumber doing it .There will be a lot more discovers maid deeper in the dessert I think soon and one of those discoveries will tell us who the great builder's were .

  4. Amazing! I still wonder though if they should not excavate certain areas to preserve them for future generations when new technologies are discovered that could analyze from different perspectives than we can now know. To enter a space that has not been entered in 4 or 5 thousand years… I imagine there are even elements in the air, like types of pollen or spores etc that could indicated plant life of the time, or other factors like maybe how sound vibrations can alter surfaces on a molecular level and even a means of converting those changes into audible sound once again. Who knows, maybe they could resurrect music and words spoken thousands of years ago. Matter occupies space, meaning airborne particles are for moments in void until the mass, or person, moves. Maybe they'll have technology, entering a space undisturbed and basically with air also from thousands of years ago, that they could have a way of instantaneously sealing the space in and instruments could enter and analyze. Who knows maybe they could even recreate the ceremonies that had occurred upon closing the tomb etc. They go in with pry-bars, shovels, and brushes, and they could be brushing away invaluable information forever lost. That's just my amateur view and wondering what others think.

  5. It's a miracle that the pyramids were made to be tombs of the pharaohs but all the Pharaoh's are buried in the Valley of the Kings , not one has been found in a pyramid.

  6. Why is Hawass involved in any of this?
    He's a proven thief, caught steeling artifacts.
    It's his kind that are responsible for all the lies we're told about where we came from.
    Human history belongs to all of us, not just to the ones that get there first.
    It's time the truth, the whole truth was made available to the general public.

  7. He loves repeating over and over that the pyramids were not built by slaves, as an insult to Jews and their Holy Scripture (which Muhammed had no problem stealing many stories from, and also from the New Testament, but altering the stories to suit his needs). But the Jews and their Holy Scripture make no claim to have built the pyramids of Giza, only cities, and they were likely located in the Nile Delta and have sunken down in the soft soil. Part of a statue of Rameses was found in the Nile Delta, so possibly the Land of Goshen is there too.

  8. The way I see it they are in those tombs for thousands of years, they do this for career gain? Putting them in a museum seems like a joke of a job. Why not leave these people alone and let them rest? I get it that lost cities are sometimes found naturally but these people go looking for them! All so somebody could get rich?

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  10. All the Hancocksuckers commenting here are fucking retarded. None of you have ever even been to Giza. You watch a couple of vids by Schoch, West, Hancock or some other money grubbing pseudoscientist and you think you are experts – HAHAHAHAHOHOHOHOHHAHAHA

  11. Humanity's greatest feat,has not even settled 1 mere inch in over 11,000 years.Builder enjoyed orbital perspective.Then, THEN we look at the Giza Valley now and see all Egypt has done since (NOTHING) ,They are taking a few centuries off ,break from all that hard work, but are soon to kick up and show us how "Its all done"..Egyptian's= Humanity's most talented champions.lol...<——<<<lol…

  12. stop this bullshit. the pyramids are over 13000 years old and were built by giants with the technology of the anunnaki. this is written in stone tablets. the sumerian tablets of 3500 bc states these facts. ive been inside the great pyramid and theres NO WAY normal humans created it . we couldnt build them today. by the way, no tombs or mummies or any hieroglyphics are inside the pyramid. the truth will come out eventually.

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