#Egypt #vacation Museum Secrets and techniques ~ Inside of The Egyptian Museum

Archaeology & Heritage Documentary hosted by Colm Feore, published by Heritage Tv of Canada in 2011 (English narration)

Museum Secrets and techniques Assortment

On a quest to obtain the very best, and most obscure, museum exhibits and discover the secrets and techniques they maintain, Museum Secrets and techniques uncovers the bizarre, the astonishing and fascinating wonders of the globe. What unexpected gadget did Catherine the Good use to greatly enhance her sexual intercourse everyday living? Why did Alexander the Good desire linen armour to bronze? And how did the falcon searching of the Habsburg emperors lay the foundations for modern day science? Screening out the theories driving the artifacts and visiting the internet sites they originated from, this series combines pure enthralling historical past with surprising detective get the job done.

Inside of The Egyptian Museum:
Cairo’s Museum of Egyptian Antiquities boasts 120,000 merchandise – the world’s greatest collection of Pharaonic antiquities, including 27 mummies of the Royal Cache and the treasures of King Tutankhamen. in historical Egypt, the pharaohs and their retinue ended up not the only kinds to consign their bodies to mummification soon after demise. Mummification was preferred by absolutely everyone who could afford it, due to the fact historical Egyptians considered the method was the path to everlasting everyday living.

They also mummified animals by the hundreds of thousands: falcons, baboons, crocodiles, and quite a few other creatures – pushing some species to the brink of extinction. Why? The secret is exposed in the premiere broadcast of Museum Secrets and techniques: Inside of the Egyptian Museum.



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