#Egypt #vacation Identified: The Dropped Pyramids of Lake Moeris in Egypt | Historic Architects

Although numerous even now endure into the 21st century, there is serious bodily evidence for a variety of shed pyramids of Egypt and for those people that haven’t still left an apparent imprint in the sand, there are many historic accounts. Danish Navel captain Frederic Norden attested to a 4th pyramid on the Giza plateau even though Herodotus documented two others, both of those of which, in accordance to him, were being similar in dimension to the Terrific Pyramid.

These pyramids, he records, were being situated in the centre of the ancient Lake Moeris, which was fed by the River Nile by an ancient canal, widened and deepened by Amenemhat III in the 1800s BC.

But who created the pyramids – was it a pre-dynastic king named Moeris, was it the initial pharoah of Egypt, Menes, or was it the twelfth dynasty pharoah, Amenemhat III?

And where are they now? View the video clip to locate out.

To browse the text of Herodotus concerning the pyramids of lake Moeris, stop by

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  1. Superb video Matt, keep up the great work! If you haven't already seen it on youtube, Antoine Gigal has done some absolutely phenomenal research on this whole area. Also, Carmen Boulter has been working with Klaus Dona for a while now and has some great videos showing ground penetrating radar results of the whole labyrinth area:

    fascinating stuff. There's certainly a heck of a lot deep down there. I would love to see you release a video on the whole Hawara Labyrinth area combining all this still vastly non mainstream information.

  2. a big Q, while there is evidence of copper mining in egypt, could they have mined or imported sufficient quantity for the stone cutting that egyptologists claim? i.e. 1.2million blocks for the great pyramid. How many chisels are needed per block? 20?

  3. The great pyramid is a low voltage generator operating at 8 Hz frequency. This occurs naturally when water flows through an underground aquifer.

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    You are likely familiar with a fluorescent tube lighting up without being connected to any power source when in the vicinity of a transmitter. That is somewhat like the way the Egyptian light bulb operated.

    I accidentally became familiar with this source of power during the early 1960s when I erected a 1000 ft. long horizontal aerial between two 20 ft. poles using insulated wire. Aerials use bare wire, but insulated wire was all that I had on hand at the time and that is the kind that must be employed to harvest this energy. This aerial was set up over an aquifer that was an underground gravel streambed beneath clay 35 ft. below the surface through which water flowed from a lake in the mountain.

    It seems that an arid climate is essential. Like that at the site of the great pyramid.

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    That provides a clue as to the purpose of the shafts in the pyramid. These were simply paths for this high frequency source of power to follow. Or they might have acted as an air horn for sound to travel. Due to the shape of the pyramid the overall structure would have functioned like a lightning rod with the relieving chambers directing and controlling a vertical discharge at its tip. One might envision it giving off a thundering sound while streaming a ray of light upward towards the heavens.


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  4. Pretty good video. I've wondered where these might have been for quite a while. I'm wondering if anyone knows if any formal, documented excavations have been done at this site? Reason being is that there's between 10 to 20 metres of alluvial deposits in fayum. Doesn't make sense that the base of ancient pyramids would be on top of this. It's more likely that the bases would be near the bottom. So I'm wondering if these aren't the bases, but a section part way up the pyramids with the rest buried under the soil.

  5. another great video matt.. there is so much yet to learn about ancient Egyptians…
    as usual tho we will only ever learn what they want us to know…
    far to many lies and secrets now to ever look back…

  6. Wow!!!! The research you had to of done is mind-boggling. Connecting the dots was excellent. Keep up the GOOD WORK. Are you a archaeologist or researcher? Either way great work.

  7. I believe you did it again, M.
    Great Work! – Congratulations!
    How long will it be until your discoveries will be accepted ? re-engineered to be working even better than back then?
    I hope you're give credit for your hard work & ingenuity – if that's what you so desire.
    Keep up the great work & Thank You, Sir.

  8. excellent work!!! To bad the know it all's won't acknowledge anything but tomb nonsense! I believe the Giza Pyramids were NOT made by the Egyptians but a precursor civilization that existed long before. Look at the Pyramids that we KNOW the Egyptians did build, they are mud brick, not sandstone/granite block

  9. Another amazing video, you are so right about the historical value of that ancient lake. Imagine all the knowledge that has been lost through out time that can be just under the surface. Keep bringing great video's.

  10. Fascinating documentary, these 2 pyramids would have certainly been very powerful with steep sides and the reflected images with massive statues, maybe even more iconic than the ones we all know and admire on the plateau of Giza.
    if it's any help to anyone here are the GPS grid co ordinates of the pillars as stated by Google Earth
    29 22' 29"N by 30 51' 23"E

  11. I do appreciate your water pump theory, and I believe its the most compelling idea put forward so far, although I think you should keep your videos more open ended. Continue to present evidence toward it but maybe also describe possible other theory's and perspectives. I have always been interested in the occult and I have a feeling the megaliths of Egypt are occultist, mystery school inspired works. Almost masonic in nature, and the masons and other occult society's have been responsible for hiding all the archaeological evidence i.e the Hawas dramas. In any case, I really love your videos you have presented so many archaeological discovery's I have never heard about in major books on Egypt! Bravo sir!

  12. If you can sit at home and produce this amazing research presumably on a very small budget. Why cant egyptologists do the same.
    My boy came home from school the other day telling me that the dynastic egyptians built the pyramids. The exact same crap they force fed me 25 years ago. Great work all always dude.

  13. Hi Matt, i do enjoy this video, strangely i'm researching the same subject as you do, i start by follow the Spinx erosion hypothesis, then river Nile migration about 8km to the east, and i also get involved wit Herodotus records of ancient Egypt. My conclusion is the Nile in ancient times were fare larger and with a greater flow rate, and i don't think the river have migrated to the East at all, i think it's flow rate decrease over the centuries, because less precipitation at the source, i don't think the Qarun lake is man made, i think during dynastic period that there was a need for deepen an enlarge an already existing natural channel for water management and irrigation, Menes probably start this project, because of the great need of water for irrigation i guess the Nile was, close to last Ice age period a massive river, with it's margins fare larger then it is today or in Dynastic period. Giza plateau was an island when the pyramids were build, and the plateau was were the river separate itself and become two major streams, probably one flowing trough the delta to the north, and the other crossing great part of Lybia and meeting the Med sea near Benghazi. You can also see a very large dry river bed east of the city of Al Fant, so there was major climate changes over the centuries. I think you should consider studding this subject, the migration or receding of the Nile by itself is a great subject, with much implications. Sorry my English

  14. Wondering… could the weight of the pyramids also be a factor? I mean, if the math was right, could the weight of the pyramid compress aquifers, making them easier to tap (like squeezing a sponge) and could it be that these "lost" pyramids might have been too heavy upon construction and subsequently fractured the aquifer, causing the underground water to pour out and flood the area? Just an idea/curiosity.

  15. Thanks for the history lesson Matt, what an interesting find. You seem to get closer and closer to hidden history by connecting the dots. It's exciting to think along with you…

  16. This was so informative and fascinating. Makes you think who truly built the great pyramids of antiquity and what happened to them… you would think there would be a set of hieroglyphs depicting the method or people building these things. Thanks for uploading this!

  17. Seriously impressed with your research. I believe there is some discussion as to whether Heroditus was accurate as an 'historian'. It seems that when his accounts fall in with the accepted narrative he is considered accurate but when this falls outside current accepted views he is considered to be exaggerating or inaccurate. Just my interpretation. Personally I believe he was as true to accuracy as he could be. Thank you again for your excellent research

  18. In order for the Pyramids to work as machines, they would need a source of power. Many speculate that the power was acquired by the land and water. While that is an interesting idea as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable, I am thinking that they may have been powered by something like nuclear. It is my understanding that granite and possibly limestone offers insulation to radiation so perhaps this is why the pyramids are constructed in this way? Also, this may also be why some pyramids seemed to have exploded. Perhaps this is also why the ancients dug out mountains to live in and built homes of monolithic stone; to provide protection from radiation in the event that one of their pyramids failed.

  19. It blows my mind that you only have 73k subscribers.. with the content and information you put out, you would think it would be at a minimum 250k.. damn.. but I share your videos as much as I can. More people need to see this. Good work!

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