#Egypt #vacation Historic Pyramids In Egypt You Have Most likely Hardly ever Listened to Of

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#Egypt #travel Erich Von Daniken Strangest Discoveries in Historical Egypt [Complete Video]

In this previously unseen presentation Erich Von Daniken explains some of ancient Egypts strangest out of spot discoveries and how mankind is not responsible for a lot of achievements in technology, arts and science. Considerably of this can this attributed to the Historical Alien Gods and this is why person has attained this sort of […]


  1. Actually its only been maybe 2000 years since pagans adapted Christianity that teaches god created everything including us in his image.How could we be inferior to ancients that have created all these wonders we can't duplicate today…gotta adhere to the narrative or 'beliefs' fall apart.

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  3. Come on Brien. You and I know for a fact that that cataclysm you talk about is a flood of biblical proportion. The oldest story on historical record is the Epic of Gilgamesh. Written in Sumerian/Akkadian, language isolate around 2100 BC. That’s 500 years after The Great Flood occurred according to the ages of various people and kings in chronological order. That’s the exact time The Great Pyramid is radio carbon dated to, although personally I know radio carbon isn’t a reliable source of dating in certain circumstances. The Christian Bible translated from the Hebrew Masoretic states the Ark Noah built landed on the Mountains of Ararat. Ararat is Turkey. You know who the Sumerian’s are descendants of? The Armenian Highlanders from Turkey/Armenia. Oldest story on record. If anyone studied for a short time and gives an opportunity to let them self learn about certain subjects such as land formations, tectonic plates, water erosion, on the Sphinx for example, fossils etc they’ll certainly find a catastrophic flood of Biblical proportion occurred within the past few thousand years. A human is a magical being. I struggle to grasp how anything can be deemed impossible or unlikely. This whole life is an overwhelming magical place.

  4. 9:00 do you hear the fundamental at about 349Hz F? I hear a D a minor 3rd below around 296Hz as either a harmonic or the fundamental, it's hard to tell…I may have to investigate further with an audio processing software.

  5. You are absolutely correct we are not the only advanced human civilization on this planet to exist we have written documentation of a far more advanced society with skills that we just learned in real time within the last hundred years.

    Our new generation of humans are sad uneducated empty vessels filled with hate and no skills

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