#Egypt #vacation Here is Why the Egyptians Did Not establish the Great Pyramid & Sphinx


  1. Robert Temple, in his wonderful book THE SPHINX MYSTERY, suggests that this structure was NEVER a lion, nor "Lion of Judah" as you suggest, but is instead the jackal god of the netherworld, Anubis. Of course the original head was decapitated, replaced with the ridiculous human head… (Most of "Egyptology" is a sad joke -full of assumption, fakery and disinformation…………….. Keep looking for TRUTH!!! cheers

  2. There has NEVER been a corpse found within any of the "sarcophagi" found withing the pyramis (above ground level. Robert Temple, in his fascinating book & websight EGYPTIAN DAWN, suggests that a corpse would be considered "pollution" – makes sense to me. Why so-called "Egyptologists" keep insisting these are "tombs of kings" is RIDICULOUS – logically. Also, you're right – NO WRITING of any kind, except that put on by treasure-hunters/false academics. Thanks for your efforts! cheers

  3. Praise the LORD brother Leeland! God is good! Great video! I am back in Jerusalem at Abraham hostel. Are you still in Egypt? I'll be here till the 12th. I was thinking about going down to Egypt for a day. What's the cheapest way to get there from Jerusalem? Hope to hear from you soon. I love you brother and God bless you! Amen!

  4. All that stuff is pre-flood.
    On another note…deep under ground in a coal mine in the USA, they found a cement block wall of sorts. They dug along it and it was very long. The earth has a very complicated history, and very old.

  5. A Cartographer might use a template of these Pyramids to map the the surrounding deserts, in parity to the skies, with these as seen marks but the cues are hidden. So, if you overlay a celestial map over the Pyramids to align with Orion's Belt, then extending out into the desert, proportional distances to match the Zodiac, there are corresponding map locations on the desert ground, to identify the hidden places. So to complete Orion's pattern and plot deserted places in Egypt, equal to the map surveying, you may be able to dig deep in the Earth and uncover hidden cities of the dead , or other storages. When those spots in the open barren desert are located according to the star map overlaying the ground, you may find ancient cities, of megalithic age.
    As to the construction method, they moved from mud brick technology using alchemy, to concrete masonry and cement. So the easiest way to build the Pyramid with little or no special tools is the invention , using the Nile River as a study habit of environments of various silts and sediments, the knowledge of alchemy making of limestone concrete aggregate and the use of day laborers carrying baskets covered with pitch, in long lines of "bucket brigades" up the height to fill in reusable wooden forms and dumping in the concrete chemical mix , and water, beaten down by boat oars. To study the Nile, you separate by colors and taste and hardness, various silt deposits and catalog the soils , and so make a synthetic bed rock , which is concrete. (Caustic Materials, either they burn water or blow up in your face )
    When you mix limestone, magnesium , silicon and other such sands, and mix in water, the chemical reaction of a heating effect and slow burn evaporate the water and bond the sand into a rock. It also glows and produces a form of chemical lighting. When you rapidly oxidize the water by the silts burning up, as they mix, the hydrogen glues atoms together. Either you are making concrete or a bomb that blows up in your face. (That is another question)
    The story of Moses set afloat in a "Ark" basket covered in pitch, may have been exactly one of the slave laborer's tool, to carry sand, limestone, magnesium and silicon taken out of the Nile, in huge stockpiles on the shore, divided by colors and tasting and examination of their alchemy qualities. The Ark was a laborers basket , where slaves in lines of thousands carried or passed the baskets up the Pyramid and dumped the materials into wooden forms, added water and beat it down with boat oars. When the Israelites rebelled, it may have been that a labor strike occurred on the banks of the Nile, and the huge stockpiles of various chemicals and sands were all at once dumped into the River, and so the River Nile became so polluted by the dumping , it turned red.
    It is a parallel history that as soon as the Romans conquered the Egypt of Ptolemy , the Romans switched from using quarried stone to build and instead made concrete using materials from volcanoes and river beds. They built the Pantheon and the Colosseum in Rome out of poured concrete. The oculus of the Pantheon, some 100 ft wide, open eye, of concrete single poured set with horse hairs mixed into the concrete to strengthen it, the structure has not cracked at all in almost two thousand years.
    Thus the Alchemy Technology of Antiquity was not written down , it was an Oral Tradition mysticism, which may have had some deliberate story telling to permit coded messages and subliminal signals to be passed in story telling, where the real data was beneath the story line, which stories were mediums of exchange.
    Then only the Masons or Sons of Hiram or other builders would know secrets that societies would not publish . Perhaps such knowledge then would be comparable to publishing how to make nuclear bombs today. Their economy was to protect knowledge from getting into the wrong hands. As for lighting inside the Pyramid, you can buy chemical light sticks at the hardware or sporting store. You break the stick the chemicals mix and it produces light. The Egyptians probably painted the walls inside the Pyramid with chemicals that produce light in the dark. They may have produced glass tubes to hold chemicals that produce light. Chemical lighting is a slow controlled burn, it would not flame or smoke, but just heat slightly and let off a glow.
    If the question is the need for breathable oxygen inside the Pyramid, you use water in the basement with caustic chemicals to burn and rapidly oxidize, releasing oxygen into the nitrogen atmosphere. The Alchemist , if they were worth "Their Salt " could do it all, you only think you are wise today, you don't know half their knowledge. Can you identify copper ore and smelt it with a kiln furnace you built yourself, make pliable copper with added elements to nature it more friendly to making tools ? I did not think so…..
    So an Alchemist would build a Pyramid with hand tools, and allot of day laborers lined up with baskets they carry, often carrying them on their heads. The Biblical clues is "Waters made Bitter" to designate the idea of Chemistry , where the Alchemist uses sight and taste, to see if the material is sweet or bitter to taste, the color and texture and using the Naturalism of the Nile to see where the patterns of mixed soils and silts have produced rock hard river beds but in other areas, the mix is yet soft and sandy. Once you understand which materials in the river produce hard limestone river beds, you copy nature and produce the same effects. Since they dug the materials out of the river, they would take allot of ancient fossilized material to dump them into the blocks.
    The logic is that since the earliest Pyramids were made of mud brick technology , they would have been on the same path of reasoning to develop Alchemy to produce Concrete products. But to suggest they abandoned Mud Brick technology to switch to quarried stone blocks and heavy equipment to lift them, is rather illogical.
    In another interesting fact, the Romans quarried the Obelisk for the Vatican out of the Nile, by diverting the river to expose the river bed of hard rock. They quarried the obelisk out of the dry bed and then built the ship around it. The Obelisk was 90 feet , so they built a 100 foot ship around it, and then brought back the River river to flood the stage. Then they sailed the ship with the Obelisk to Rome and entered the Tiber River. Then they dug a canal to the place the obelisk was stationed. After setting up the stone, they sailed away , filled in the canal and were gone. The Romans learned a great deal from the Egypt of Ptolemy, and helped them master the world. But before then the Israelites were builders, and their bitter labors suggest they were Alchemists. The big question for them was "How do you make bricks without straw ?" That is a very suggestive question prompting a wise man to to recite the answer , for intelligent people do not ask questions , unless they already know the answer. Quiz at the end of the session…
    "Bitter Bondage" = euphemistic expression referring to Alchemy knowledge to make CONCRETE. "WATERS MADE BITTER" etc.
    "Daily Tally of Bricks to be made without straw". The Israelites were not to make more quarried stones, but more bricks without straw. Let me ask you one question, what did all of you do with the money your mother gave you to send you to school ? When you ask us Italian Catholics , we just start laughing at you….

  6. 99.999% of folks who look at the Great Pyramid (GP) make a big mistake
    they assume the GP is one structure
    that the Egyptians built it

    well they did not
    The GP is made up of 2 distinct structures
    the internal granite temple
    and the 2.5 million limestone blocks that make up the outside pyramid

    the internal granite temple was built by another civilization
    thousands of years ealier than when the Egyptians showed up
    the same folks that built the Great Sphinx built that granite temple

    That's why there are no Egyptian writings inside that granite temple
    and who knows what kind of writings appeard on the outside of the GP
    the local folks stole the casing stones

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