#Egypt #vacation Evidence Of Historical Cataclysm And Highly developed Stone Machining In Egypt: Abu Ghurab


  1. LoL those academics are daft, “sacrificial blood bowls”. They were for making wine, crushing many grapes bare feet using many a women. You are welcome lol, all the best Brien,
    Scott from Scotland

  2. Your videos: I can appreciate the whole business side of your videos. Having said that I am becoming disenfranchised with your glorified vacation videos. Your early videos had a purpose and an intent to uncover something different. Your “today’s” video just report objective crap I can get anywhere. BORING! What are you doing that you haven’t done 30000 times! “A core drill” how many fucking videos have we seen that in?! Blah blah blah! I’m 1 shake away from unsubscribing. I haven’t seen ANYTHING I haven’t seen before!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for this video. I have never heard that the "core drill holes" are slightly oval rather than circular. Surely it is not possible to make anything other than a circular hole (or a hole shaped from intersecting arcs) from a rotary drill ?

    That is totally mind blowing !!!

  4. The top outer edge of the bowl looks to have teeth like a gear or sprocket. Perhaps one sat on top (flipped upside down) of the other and a bar or log was placed in the core drill holes to rotate.
    Maybe that's far fetched because of the shear size, but the builders and purpose of megalithic stone work are still unknown & all possibilities must be explored without prejudice.

  5. So what if the “bowels” are not bowels at all but gears that they would put huge circular tee trunks through once they were cut from stone, much like the 30-40k found in another location. The ovals in the stone ave cut in order to move them

  6. Column base or top for large fluted columns. Maybe used as disposable ship ballast by romans coming to retrieve artifacts to bring back. Hence the different type of stone to the surroundings. Nice stable low center of gravity…

  7. Brien – COLUMN based/top for large fluted columns (Capitals). Picture these bowls upside down. Core holes used to stabilize to roof framework. Oblong from years of movement or swaying from weather. Probably covered with decorative scroll work that has since broke off. What do you think?

  8. Brien is not 100% correct in everything he says.

    Like grantie can be carved by hand and does not need to have diamond tipped tools. If you want proof check out this dude who hand carves granite with metal tools: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Rae

    Also "Vetrified rock" is just rock that has been polished by humans touch or animals for hundreds of years.
    Proof: https://www.cdm.org/mammothdiscovery/backscratcher.html

  9. holiday to Egypt to explore the great Giza? , Why bother your never believe or get a better understanding from a Egyptian guild out there.So my holiday starts and ends here with Brien and the real truth about Egypt..

  10. The large bowl like impressions have outer gear shaped impressions on the top exterior perimeter of bowl. These bowls could be molds for some sort of gears or machinery.

  11. It's odd how so many of the ancient relics don't seem to follow any modern logic. Some one did so much work to create enduring objects that don't seem to make any sense.The go to answer usually is religion, but I doubt it.

  12. I am sure all the worldwide pyramides was made by one ancient alien civilization before our mankind civilization , of almost this pyramides was found the keystones made of metal a double T the builders had used this weird metod to does united this huge stones with each other stones ,they had carved in the same very exactly deep ,this was like they had used for , some advanced tools mashines for make this keystones .I do not believe this work was human made, because the scientists had find they had cast and melted instantly the iron double T keystone .I hope you all the world arheologists will find better evidence soon, which will reveals all this worldwide pyramides wasn't human made ,and it would be much more older than we did 've believed ,sfmy spelling !

  13. Fascinating as always. Anyone catch Bright Insight's latest video where he shares the story & footage of him visiting an ancient walled city while on military tour in 2010 in Iraq, from the Assyrian empire that featured possibly even more ancient huge statues of winged half men half bull creatures? Apparently sometime after he was there I'm assuming religious extremists leveled the entire city & even destroyed the those incredibly detailed statues that almost certainly couldn't have been with accepted tools of the era. It's nothing less than a tragedy, I highly recommend anyone here who doesn't know about Bright Insight to look him up & check out that video because you certainly can't visit the incredible ancient city anymore

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  15. Do you think that all these ancient tool steel, carbide and diamond drills, tools and bits, as well as all the generators, lathes, power plants and necessary machinery would have disintegrated with age into nothingness? I wish that you would address this issue.

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