#Egypt #vacation Egypt’s Second Sphinx Found Around Giza Pyramids For the duration of Street Will work

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  1. I always thought the human head was put on at a much later date and the original head was that of Anubis so to find a statue also with a human head doesn't make sense, it's almost like it's been planted there as a part of the cover up to maintain that Egyptians built the pyramids but anyone who has researched this knows it was an ancient civilization and this has been discovered just as the world is finding out the pyramids are an ancient power source? I call bullshit on this one guys

  2. The truth is that there lived an advanced high technology long long before the egyptian ancient dynasty and those people built all the pyramids and megalithic structures and only after thousands of years early egyptian arrived and draw their heiroglyphics on those structures. Ancient Egyptians were NOT the ones who built the megalithic structures!

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