#Egypt #vacation Egypt 2018: Checking out Numerous Significant Megalithic Wonders At Saqqara

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  1. Looks like these gods or semigods were hiding inside the boxes in order to wait trough this solar or plasmoid cataclism or war with other gods, some kind of energy boxes to stay in or boxes for teleport process or for revitalizing or for transformation or for interstellar voyage or for resurrection or…..

  2. I wonder if the boxes were moved onto an open area of ground. Then the lids were moved in place.
    Then walls of rough limestone were built up and around the niches and sealed in with capping limestone.
    So what we think of as being under-ground — may have been 'buried' under piles of 'poured' limestone.
    This would account for the lack of smoke on the walls — as these passage ways were built – then buried.

  3. Thanks for sharing Brien, definitely very intriguing. interesting observations at the boxes. you are doing a great job sharing your knowledge and information with us! as always, can't wait for the next video!

  4. Woah, those scorch marks (if that's what they are) on the last box are very strange. Could they be from someone using explosives to open them? A relatively recent event perhaps?

    The lids like the one at Unas pyramid are also very strange. I refer to them as the "bed frame" motif: square ends with a rounded arching top profile. Several other examples exist, some with shallow features like in Unas, others with extremely prominent arching tops and tall square ends. Some with nubs, some without.

    Great footage of both places, thank you! I would still like to see the box called Cambyses at the Serapeum and the small tunnel that Yousef points out, but the scorched box I had not seen before.

    Some of the boxes have 2 square cut-outs on the bottom lip of their lids, as if to facilitate lifting (so perhaps done by the dynastic Egyptians?), or perhaps to run something (wire maybe?) into the boxes. Others do not have the square cut outs. The one by the entrance has nubs on the lid, many of the other boxes don't have nubs.

    14:41 The "companion box" you mention being roughly done, notice the vertical "fluting" carved into the surface. You see that on other boxes in museums. Do you think that motif, the "temple facade" motif was done by the original builders? I think the box with the poor hieroglyphics imitates the motif as well. You can see the temple facade motif else where, the lost sarcophagus of Menkaure is a good example, and you can even see it on the wall in the "burial chamber" of the Unas pyramid. It appears to me the hieroglyphics in that room are done on top of an older image of this temple facade motif.

    These stylistic design motifs are very strange and I believe are pre-dynastic.

    Thank you again Brien.

  5. Simply stunning. I was watching this dumbfounded and in awe. So many questions come to mind and no answers! Brien, you are the man, thank you so much for sharing with those who for various reasons can't join you!

  6. The only problem I have with the solar plasma theory is the distance from us to the Sun. How it is possible that we don't see evidence of this thing elsewhere in the Solar System and if there was a catastrophic CME, how it retained heat all that way from Sun to hit Earth? Why don't we find large scale evidence, but localised damages in very interesting places.

  7. Solar plasma blasts makes a lot of sense as an explanation for the evidence of high temperature catastrophic damage to extremely high tech cut stone megalithic structures world wide.

  8. If it were a burn from plasma solar ejection, probably would have hit the entire side of the earth. How wide spread is the evidence of burning?

    Mega lightning strikes could be more focused

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