#Egypt #vacation Driving Through Cairo


  1. الحقيقه مصر تحتاج غاصمه جديده البلد غير نظيفه والمباني قديمه ومغبره اي نعم في اثار وحضاره قديمه لكن لا يوجد شي ممتع في الجوله

  2. Beautiful and I got to see Cairo for free! Something I wanted to do my whole life. Saying thanx (for the video) from Atlantic City N.J. I'll make my own someday..

  3. انا مش عارف ليه انتو مش بتحبو تصورو غير العشوائيات في القاهرة او تفسحو الاجانب في العشوائيات يا جماعة هما بيفتكرو ان مصر عشوائيات لازم توروهم شوارع القاهرة الراقية مش تفرجوهم علي عشوائيات وقرف 

  4. I totally agree with you! I lived in Egypt for 4 years and that was the best time of my life!! Egypt is really beautiful.. Not only the Pyramids.. The people are just so kind and helpful!!! Thank you Egypt!!!

  5. I have a vast interest in your country and people. I have always been fascinated by it. I was lucky enough to get an AK-47 from a friend that was made in Cairo. Beautiful gun, and a reliable shooter. Hopefully I can visit someday, and won't be categorized as an ignorant American lol.

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