#Egypt #vacation Big Statues Close to Luxor In Egypt: Display Signs Of Cataclysmic Destruction

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  1. I can only imagine how many other millions of plasma hits pummelled the planet while the megaliths have recorded such a tiny percentage of hits, but recorded in stone nevertheless. I believe more evidence of plasma hits must also be recorded in raw stone globally too, but nobody is looking there.

  2. Most ancient monoliths and cities were at war with unworldly beings as reptilian and draconian luciferion beings rule this world and the human race, plasma laser technology was used to destroy most civilizations

  3. All I see are perfectly sculpted egyptian hieroglyphs , some even with perfect round holes, and convexe dots in them, on all the giant sculptures, proving the opposite of what this man is saying or should I say hoaxing. It just proves they were the authors, signing it with their hieroglyphs and faces and that they were perfectly capable of it, you just have to prove how they did it (or their magic mysterious predecessors for that matter). The alleged heat damage must then have been after 1000BC that's all.

  4. Can I ask a question Brien? I don't mean to be rude but why do people touch these very ancient monuments with their bare hands? Does it not damage it over time if lots of people do it? I know in the museums they use gloves for handling things. Great video, Thank you.

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