#Egypt #vacation American Female Goes to Egypt By itself! | بنت أمريكية تذهب إلى مصر لوحدها

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Hey most people it’s me Daniela! This was my initially vlog at any time, it was definitely not uncomplicated
and I nonetheless have a large amount to get employed to, but I will gradually get there! 🙂

Keep tuned for the future vlog in which I turn up the heat some much more for a tiny adventure!

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  1. I've been to Egypt. Yes the pyramids, temples, and history are great, but what about all the harassment, scamming, and negative attention you get as a tourist? This video gives only one side of the story

  2. اى حد عايز يروح الاهرمات اوع تركب مع بتوع الجمال او الحصان اتفق ع السعر وخلى بالك كدابين وحراميه ولو الساعه عدت 4 الاهرامات بتقفل هيقلك تعالا ادخلك من بابا ورا وهيلفكك زى البت دى ورا الهرم من بره ويقكل ادفع مبلغ فكك منهم

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