#Egypt #vacation A Danish Photographer’s ‘Sex’ Image Atop the Good Pyramid of Giza Is Producing an Uproar

Some men and women have ridiculous sex fantasies — no judgment. Having said that, undertaking it, or portraying your self undertaking it, on leading of a single of the seven miracles of the historic entire world may possibly be crossing the line. Danish photographer Andreas Hvid did particularly that, which instantaneously pissed off a good deal of men and women and triggered Egyptian officers to launch an investigation. He would not approach to vacation to Egypt all over again at any time shortly. Examine out our movie to see the controversial image.

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  1. Those pyramids do NOT even belong to (those who having sex on it) MODERN Egyptian (Romans Invader) ,but they belong to NUBIAN, (the indigenous Of Egypt), they're largely found in the southern Egyptian Nile valley.
    Modern Egyptian dedicated most of their time to falsifying NUBIAN civilization,but wasted without little benefit because the whole world knows that the civilization of Egypt has nothing to do with the modern Egyptian but Nubian.

  2. omg what's wrong with white people can't keep their clothes on? I am chinese, and back then we also see white people strip naked and sun bath on public beach or even park….. And as we all know that China doesn't allow nudity in public places. Kids were present too.

  3. Am I watching a different video to the rest of you? The picture is very very obviously fake. It's as fake as this video is pointless.
    Oh god…this is going to become a thing isn't it? Cue loads of numbnuts getting naked on heritage sites or whatever for internet fame and then being shocked when they're arrested.

  4. This is so beautiful, priceless, beatific, heartening, humbling, encouraging, precious, uplifting, powerful, selfless, empowering, and inspiring! My body's riotously convulsing and I'm crying from everlasting joy as I type this at 92 WPM!

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