#Egypt #vacation 360° Journey within the Terrific Pyramid of Giza – BBC

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Journey to the heart of the Terrific Pyramid of Giza – the only surviving Wonder of the Historic Globe.

Crafted more than 4 and a fifty percent thousand decades back, the pyramid is the tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu. You can move through the solid stone blocks that make up the Pyramid’s main to check out its hidden passages and chambers.

The Terrific Pyramid’s architects and builders labored with excellent precision: the access corridors and chambers align virtually correctly on a north-south axis.

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  1. Why do they still perpetuate the myth of this pyramid that it’s only 4.5K years old and that is was a Pharaoh’s tomb? 1. The Egyptian word “pyramid” translates to “house of energy”. 2. We now know this pyramid is a minimum of 10K yrs. old. 3. There is absolutely no evidence of burial, but there is compelling evidence of an explosion in the “king’s chamber”. I saw this in 2006 (12 yrs ago) with Abd’El Hakim Awyan and Stephen Mahler. Come on, people, get your “facts” straight.

  2. What does man make that requires a massive amount of materials, labor and dollars? Hydro electric damns! We can't even figure out how they did it. I'm baffled that they're still sticking with the tomb of Khufu story. Not one shred of evidence to support it. Back to the question: Why would an ancient civilization build something so massive and precise that did nothing but house a dead body? They wouldn't!

  3. Going there in person last year was so surreal. It's a little morbid, but in a way I'm glad the Egyptian currency has been so devalued, or the Great Pyramid might never have been opened to tourists again. Climbing the passage to the King's Chamber, feeling the cramped, claustrophobic weight of millions of tons of stone above your head, and being inside one of the greatest human achievements in all of recorded history was perhaps the most poignant moment I have ever experienced.

  4. Not sure if in Peru or wish country has the so called astronaut carved on mountain side ,a giant monkey,a ridge of holes that turns out to be a snake and a squared off giant image that looks as though if up in sky which is only way to view these ,appears to look like the foundation beginning of a great pyramid or to resemble the Great Pyramid and keep in mind the Giza great pyramid is actually 8 sided not 4. This one shod 3 smaller corner pyramids as though corner stones for bracing. Better investigating may clue off the structure of the Giza. Then again it may be not hi g more than a design. Would like to know the stars alignments different times of year to see if possibly aligning .

  5. I was wondering why the text was partially out of view. As I tried to tap the screen to maybe adjust the screen size I realised it's one of those videos you can move around. I know it said 360°, but I just thought that was describing the 3D effect or something. Silly me.

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