#Egypt #vacation 1st working day in EGYPT! اليوم الأول في مصر

Welcome to my 1st working day in EGYPT!
I have required to check out this lovely state for so lengthy, and just after getting very low-cost flights, I flew to Cairo four times just after scheduling them! 🙂
A exclusive thankyou to all of the awesome local individuals who built my 1st working day so amazing!


E-mail: jaypalfreycontact@gmail.com

Thankyou for watching 🙂


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  1. Wow.. Okay was just watching your video about Meaning of Life then I realized you made a visit to Egypt as well! Greetings from Cairo. I hope you find the right path. God gives us signs, all the time, we just have to listen.

  2. Greetings, my dear brother, give you the most sincere expressions of appreciation and respect, and we ask God Almighty to guide us and the rest of the nations to the straight path. اشهد أن لااله الا الله و اشهد أن محمد رسول الله

  3. WELCOME TO EGYPT !!! 😀 ..it's relieving watching you excited about places you're heading to, there are definitely more incredible places to see.. i hope it's a good and new experience even when it might be uncomfortable somehow xD best luck for what's coming next and you're welcome anytime, stay happy and positive always ^^

  4. Your excitement reminded me of my trip to Cairo. That bridge I crossed everyday as I stayed at inter con and ate every single time at 'SARAYA', the ship restaurant you filmed few times on the bank. You surely will have a grand time there.
    Have fun and take countless pictures especially try the sunset clicks as there's more visibility at that time.

  5. if you're still in Egypt you should visit El Moez street and go to El Sehemy's house the architecture will blow you away, for sure visit the castle and it's mosque read a bit about Mohammed Ali before you go to take it all in, history was made there, and eat in Sobhy Kaber it has every Egyptian oriental food you could think of, go Horse back riding in the pyramid's desert (don't let them scam you) ask another Egyptian who is also there to ride how much they are charging, maybe go to Fagnon, oh and check el Saqya for live performances idk if they have anything good now but they usually do, if you wanna buy books for cheap or books you can't find anywhere go to Al Azbakya Wall novels there are sold for 30 and 20 EGP.

  6. I just discovered your Channel, thank you for sharing your experience in the muslim contries and trying To correct misconception that many people have about islam and muslims. You need To visit us also in Morocco.

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