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We know you’re loving getting to know our lucky Tour The World winners, Jess and Joan, as they travel on five tours to five continents over fifty days – but, like with any tour, the unsung heroes of this story are their amazing tour leaders! Today, we’re sitting down with William Mirano, Joan and Jess’ tour leader in Peru, to learn all about this beautiful country, and what life on a tour is really like. With fourteen years of tourism experience behind him, join us as William talks about the magic of Machu Picchu, trekking the Quarry Trail, the amazing wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest, and so much more.

Our Tour The World winners are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime – why don’t you do the same? Like William says, Peru is an incredibly rich, diverse country to visit, from its natural wonders to its unique food to its undeniably warm locals. If you loved watching Jess and Joan explore some of the best of Peru, your own adventure might be calling your name. Who knows – you might find yourself being led along the Quarry Trail by William himself one day!

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