#Egypt #travel Yanni – "Prelude and Nostalgia"_1080p From the Master! "Yanni Live! The Concert Event"

Yanni – “Prelude and Nostalgia”_1080p From the Master! “Yanni Live! The Concert Event”
When every single note resonates a thousand words about Life… The world’s most powerful language : Music!… Yanni❤️💙

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  1. Very fantastic music! The language we all people of this planet can understand! Language of love, words of love! We humans should be a proud of Yanni. Thank you for all the moments I have spent listening to you under sound of F16 and F15 engines. Under the sound of the bullets, under the sound of the bombs, under the sound of the wounded children, and the screaming of the mothers who lost their children in this damn war. Thank you Yanni! You are the prophet of music! The prophet who always guid me to go through!

    X man

  2. العقول المترهله للظلم والفساد لا مكان لها إلا السجن وتحقيق العدالة ومع العقول والقلوب الشابه بشرط الوفاء بالعهود

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