#Egypt #travel Wisdom of Ancient Egypt Retreat Tour of Egypt

– Luxury Egypt Retreat Tour with private visits to many sites. Travel to Egypt and join one of our fabulous tours of Egypt and rejuvenate your mind, body & spirit while exploring the sites and culture of Egypt.

Visit many of the sites when they are closed to the public including standing between the paws of the Sphinx at sunrise, visiting the Temple of Isis in Aswan before dawn, Hatshepsut temple before dawn, Abu Simbel at dawn, visiting the Temple of Horus late at night and exploring all the chambers of the Great Pyramid Check out our websites and book your place on one of our upcoming tours today.

Join us on the Wisdom of Ancient Egypt Retreat tour of Egypt and while you have a fabulous holiday exploring the sites of Egypt, often with private access to the sites, change your life at the same time just like our previous guests have done.


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