#Egypt #travel What's behind the Egypt-Ethiopia Nile dispute? | Start Here

Ethiopia has been building a new hydroelectric dam that’s promising to revive its economy and bring electricity to millions of people in mostly rural areas.
But the Grand Renaissance Dam has its critics. Mainly Egypt, which says its water supply is in danger, and its people depend on that flow for consumption and farming.
In the past, the two countries have made threats about military action and so far, talks to reach some kind of deal over how to share the Nile’s waters have not gone far.
So why exactly can’t the two sides come to an agreement?
Start Here explains one of the most important disputes in Africa right now.

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  1. I am somali and i will call my neighbour to not build the dam. Share they water together. If ethopia build the dam southern and egypt people will suffer more.

  2. imagine.. Ethiopia finishes building the dam only to have it bombed, Israel be like ow no my pennies..then war would break out then escalates into WW3 then… ah too dark..

  3. Egypt was colonized by England so how can you tell a sovereign non colonized Ethiopian to sign your master's deals. Africans will resolve their own problems

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