#Egypt #travel What Did Ancient Egyptians Eat?

Western civilization, descended from the Greeks, has always been fascinated by the powerful and mysterious Egyptian culture and their seemingly strange behaviors. One of the things the Greeks were particularly interested in was the Egyptian diet. In fact, the Greek historian Herodotus spent an inordinate amount of time in his writings on Egypt tracing the exact dietary patterns of the ancient empire.

So what did these people eat? What gave them the strength to build the pyramids, to spread out from the Nile, to forge one of the most influential empires the world has ever seen? The answers might surprise you.

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  1. Okay, I never see any comments about this, but has anyone else noticed that the narrator pronounces the word “Before” like they’re colonel sanders? This at least the 5th time I’ve noticed this in the intro to a video. lol

  2. Ancient Egyptian "beer" was very different from the modern beverage of the same name. As hops were unknown in that time and place, they were not in the recipe. It was made from lightly baked, crumbled barley bread, and was cloudy, thick and extremely rich in nutrients, more like an alcoholic porridge than anything else. It had to be consumed immediately after brewing, as it spoiled within a day.

  3. What he said is true. A fun fact actually. Honey is one if not the only type of consumable that doesn’t expire, ever. So if an apocalypse happens, grab pure honey, it’ll last you a life time.

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