#Egypt #travel What Did Ancient Egypt Look Like? (Cinematic Animation)

What Did Ancient Egypt Look Like? Watch this Ancient Egypt recreation featuring realistic 3D animation to find out. Subscribe:

Ancient Greece Cinematic Video:
Ancient Rome Cinematic Video:

In this cinematic animation video, we explore some of the major Landmarks, architecture, art buildings and landscapes of ancient Egypt! We also take a look at daily life and what the people of Ancient Egypt got up to.

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The best viewing experience is definitely with headphones and the highest quality enabled.

This was captured from Origins. A big thanks to Ubisoft for creating such a tremendous video game.


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  1. the ancient Egypt  were black Africans  , they  didn't   look like  greeks nor  Romans , show  the  proof what people  look like  over  10 or 20,000 years  before  others envaders   Egypt

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