#Egypt #travel Were Egypt's Obelisks Ancient Resonance Structures?

The obelisks of Egypt are thought by most scholars to have been made by the dynastic Egyptians as markers of conquests and accomplishments. While this may be true of the carved messages on them, the obelisks themselves may be inheritances from a much older culture. Join us in April of 2016 and see for yourself:



  1. The ancients employed high frequency sound energy that is a natural result of the vibration of our planet, which is 8 Hz. By creating a phase displacement they were able to overcome gravity, reduce the hardness of rock to the consistency of cheese, produce light and spin objects at high speed similar in principle to the way an AC motor works with electricity, but in this case with high frequency vibration.

    Harvesting this energy is done with an accumulator such as the pyramid that is a large mass with an insulating outer shell. This occurs naturally in an arid climate over an underground aquifer. Lightning that we erroneously believe is a discharge of static electricity is a release of vibration energy. Sound has a slightly magnetic quality. It is thunder that results in a flash of light, not vice versa.

    Phase displacement is caused by sending sound tones through a pair of stone cones from the base to their apex. This likely causes the speed of sound to accelerate and/or the frequency to change. A depiction of the Egyptian light bulb in one of the drawings from an Egyptian temple also shows an object that resembles a tuning fork made of stone that is about eight feet high with one prong longer than another. That was likely used to create a phase difference in the stream of sound energy. An understanding of the true nature of gravity reveals how this energy may be put to use. In India there are many examples of intricate work in stone, as they have evidently made use of vibration energy.


    Gravity is the elastic reaction of one material passing through another oblivious of the presence of the other.

    We are already familiar with this concept based on the behaviour of electromagnetic waves that we call light. Radio waves, i.e., electromagnetic waves, of shorter and longer wavelengths than light pass right through solid substances, as if this material did not exist. The elastic resistance during their passage might slow them down or distort their path, but is insufficient to make these waves spring back. Electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of light waves cannot penetrate substances and are reflected back giving us vision, enabling us to see our surroundings.

    A similar principle gives material its properties, which makes the space it occupies mutually exclusive so that one substance displaces, mixes with or bounces off, but cannot penetrate another substance in a corresponding vibration range when brought into contact with each other.

    That radio waves pass right through is not surprising considering that material is 99.99¹³ % empty space. In a relative sense an electron is farther away from the nucleus of its atom than the most distant planet is away from our sun that by comparison is packed tight against it. So solid material is comprised almost entirely of nothing.

    It is not electrons spinning around the nucleus at a tremendous speed that gives substances their material properties. Material properties are the result of their rate of vibration. A difference in the rate enables a diverse assembly accounting for a range of distinct elements.

    Is outer space that we erroneously believe to be a vacuum in fact a solid material vibrating at a different rate than our 8 Hz fundamental frequency here on planet earth? Vibrating at a different rate we are unaware of its existence. That is why visitors to our planet have an impossible time maintaining a visible presence.

    The only clue that we have that the space surrounding our planet is an undetectable solid substance is its elastic response when we attempt to leave earth. As we ascend upward from the surface of our planet this invisible and otherwise undetectable substance stretches like an elastic fabric or compresses like rubber that springs back into place when the force that keeps or propels us upwards is released slamming us back down into earth.

    That is gravity.

  2. The great pyramid is a generator operating at 8 Hz frequency sound vibration. This occurs naturally when water flows through an underground aquifer. Its structure accumulates this vibration energy turning it into usable form.

    Lightning results from a discharge of this energy that we erroneously believe is a discharge of a buildup of static electricity. Its source of power derives from the vibration of this planet. The reason lightning leaps great distances is not due to a buildup of an enormous voltage like in the discharge of a capacitor. It is because lightning is essentially a sound wave that it can travel that distance. Lightning comprises an enormously powerful sound wave that produces light when vibrating molecules of air. If lightning were a DC discharge of static electricity it would take more energy than a nuclear bomb to achieve this incalculable potential that is needed to leap a mile, as in many lightning strikes.

    A large mass insulated from the air is all that is required to accumulate this energy. It is the same source that causes hydro poles to hum. This is what Henry Moray described as “cold” electricity because it does not shock humans. But it is not electric at all and has no effect on the human nervous system. This high frequency sound energy will produce light and drive a motor, but will not power heating appliances.

    The lightning bolts in a picture of Tesla working in his laboratory are of this nature, produced by high frequency sound waves whose source is vibration of the planet, which is why he appears oblivious to danger. These will not harm him even though they resemble a high voltage DC discharge.

    You are likely familiar with a fluorescent tube lighting up without being connected to any electrical power when in the vicinity of a transmitter. That is somewhat like the way the Egyptian light bulb operated, but in this case 8 Hz sound energy caused air molecules to fluoresce.

    I accidentally became familiar with this source of power during the early 1960s when I erected a 1000 ft. long horizontal aerial between two 20 ft. high poles using insulated wire. Aerials use bare wire, but insulated wire was all that I had on hand at the time and that is the kind that must be employed to harvest this energy. This aerial was set up over an aquifer that was an underground gravel streambed beneath clay 35 ft. below the surface through which water flowed from a lake in the mountain.

    It seems that an arid climate is essential. Like that at the site of the great pyramid.

    During certain conditions large sparks that did not shock me would fly off the lead-in wire to my metal bed frame, making a sound like machine gun fire, nor did these sparks harm a one-transistor radio. When I touched the lead-in wire to an old radio tube it gave off sheets of blue light. Only one wire is required. No return path is needed as this high frequency sound energy apparently simply dissipates in the air. The lead-in wire was tapped into the aerial at about the 1/8 part of its length. A tap that divides to tune the aerial is required. Nothing happens at the lead-in wire connected to the end of the aerial. Each year the energy and sound seemed to increase in intensity.

    If the insulating outer shell of limestone were not missing from the great pyramid it would continue to function in this manner. The air within the pyramid is subject to an imperceptible fluorescence, lighting it up to a certain extent, which is why it is never pitch dark inside when the lights are turned off. High frequency electromagnetic waves, i.e., sunlight, lights up our atmosphere, but light waves themselves are invisible. High frequency sound waves that are likewise beyond our range of perception perform a similar function. Presumably, the atmosphere may be made to light up using either high frequency electromagnetic waves or high frequency sound waves.

    That provides a clue as to the purpose of the shafts in the pyramid. These were simply paths for this high frequency source of sound power to follow, perhaps to affect the frequency and create a phase difference or to tune this apparatus. The coffer may have had a similar function related to maintaining or changing frequency. The cone shape of the pyramid also fulfilled a role. Experiments have shown that vibrating cones levitate or cause other objects to levitate. Due to the shape of the pyramid the overall structure would have functioned like a lightning rod with the relieving chambers directing and controlling a vertical discharge at its tip. One might envision it giving off a thundering sound while streaming a ray of light upward towards the heavens.

    High frequency sound can be harnessed and put to work in a manner similar to A/C electricity. Evidence in the form of the so-called schist disk provides a clue as to how this energy was employed. By creating a phase lag or phase difference a rotor made of stone (or other material) may be made to rotate at an enormously high rate of speed with sound energy derived from the vibration of the earth. This is similar in principle to the manner in which an A/C motor operates using electricity. An abundance of stone vases were discovered that seem to have been manufactured using high speed rotation.

    Obelisks were receivers of accumulated earth vibration energy from the pyramid and emitted blue light.

    By understanding how to employ earth vibration energy the ancients also harnessed it to neutralize gravity, which is how blocks of stone weighing hundreds of tons could be moved with ease. Gravity is the result of the elastic reaction of one solid passing through another solid of whose existence we are unaware because it exists at a frequency of vibration beyond our range of perception. Material is virtually all empty space and one material can pass right through another oblivious of the existence of the other in the same manner that radio waves pass right through solid substances. But some frequencies of electromagnetic waves are slowed down and others bounce back at which point we become aware of them in the form of light.

    Gravity in a material sense is akin to the bouncing back of light waves is to radio waves. It is like an otherwise undetectable elastic substance that when we move up from the surface of the earth stretches and serves to fling us back down. High frequency sound channeled through a pair of cones to create a phase displacement may be employed to neutralize the existence of this undetectable solid. A large block of granite then becomes like a block of Styrofoam not only eliminating its weight but also its hardness enabling it to be cut and shaped with ease. Outer space that to us appears to be a vacuum may in reality be a solid vibrating beyond our range of perception.

    Ancients used the great pyramid to accumulate earth vibration energy in conjunction with obelisks to light up the countryside and by creating a phase displacement harnessed it in a form of motor to spin apparatus at high speed and also employed sound to neutralize gravity and largely eliminate the hardness of solids.


    Planets vibrate at particular frequencies. That their bodies are tuned to a different frequency may account for why extra-terrestrial visitors have a difficult time or find it impossible to maintain a visible presence on earth.

    Tones sent through a pair of stone cones from base to apex appears to be the way a phase displacement was created. Drawings on an Egyptian wall depict an object like a stone tuning fork about eight feet high with one arm longer than the other likely used to divide a stream of sound energy creating a lag or phase difference.

    Recent research reveals that sound waves have a slightly magnetic quality. However, this magnetism might be the result of vibrating material and not a product of the sound itself.

    The fundamental “beat” of our planet is 8 Hz, otherwise known as the Schumann resonance that is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who documented it mathematically in 1952.

    A hydro pole that was on top of an aquifer gave off a sound like an industrial buzzer at full volume, which provides a clue as to the purpose of the obelisks. Operating in combination with the great pyramid that changed the frequency to one that would cause the atmosphere to light up, the obelisks lit up the countryside.

  3. I find anger in our schools and education system for stupidity. I am presently kinda mad at the incas and egytians for claiming this as theirs and using, pillaging and sitting on thrones as if they made them themselves..Selfish, humans are not in our history books as they should be. Thank you Brien Foerster and your colloquies for some truth and real insight.

  4. I believe you so much. Like this is truly my way of explaining how they pyramids were created. Thank you SO much. I love you. Now I just want confirmation you know?! I know it's true but I want to see something or know something

  5. Hey Brian; I have considered attending one or more of your expeditions to the sites of your adventures. But now that I see you are a cigarette smoker, you can count me out. This would represent an intolerable flaw in your presentations. Maybe when you quit…….

  6. Id buy this 100 Times over then the stuff we are told nowdays. I have also heard about this before. also that the energy would make the pyramid itself (back then, when it was new) shine.

  7. At 1:24 it's obvious the coating of that broken (section) obelisk with some ancient doub. Why petrologists didn't analyze that? Why such a mystery about? As I saw, the base rock is pink granite, so the "mystery" lies in the surface of that basic granite obelisk… The carvings could be analyzed for minerals altering, though…. Why this "mystery" is kept? Because of the most retarded egyptologist ever, mister Awas, or Hawass, or something like that, the Egyptology dictator in Quairo? Just for legit touristic reasons? Seems wrong, though.
    Sorry, I looked again, with magnitude. It's not dough, it's sawing marks around the obelisk, but why at his half length? To prove what? I think they blame Napoleon, the mameluks or the ottomans. Give us a break, hystorians…

  8. From around 1:20 to about 1:30 the bottom, or broken off part, of the obelisk is visible. It seems evident from that view that the obelisk seems to be made of a solid contiguous core, and an exterior fascia of about 2 inches thick.  I think it would be very interesting to learn more about that method of construction. How was the exterior fascia attached to the core? Is that style particular of a certain period? Etc.

  9. it is interesting that all around the world ancient obelisks are never more than one stone, you would think that with civilizations that could practically melt stone together or fit them together like machined parts would have gotten a bit more boastful and created their own "washington monument" (although it did take americans 40 years) with tons of individual stones, there must have been a very important reason why they could only be made with a single stone

  10. Man, I really love the way you look at ancient technology. The world is in need of gaining a higher consciousness. I give thanks and praise to you and all the amazing brethren that share this passion of overstanding our home.

  11. Maybe its just marking of territory, status and wealth, i feel no technological sense on those granite objects , if they was aliens they communicate in distances at least like us  today, when you traveling in space the sound waves are worthless to communicate with other space ships … but maybe they are communicators trough time, and their mesage : we was clever , we have technology, we are from distant past

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