#Egypt #travel Virtual Reality Tour Luxor Temple, Egypt – 360° 4K VR Experience

Join us as we go explore the Luxor Temple in Egypt. This is a virtual reality 360 video so move it around to get the full experience and feel like you are actually inside the temple!.

We visited the Luxor Temple in Luxor Egypt during our 10-day tour in December 2019 – before COVID-19.

We did our your tour through

We had a great time and they have some awesome packages no matter what your budget is 🙂

We typically don’t do tours and prefer to explore places on your own, but the logistics of this it was so much easier to do a tour since we don’t speak the language and wanted a little break from travel planning 🙂

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This was shot using our Go Pro Fusion 360 camera.
Edited with – VIRB Editor – this is a free 360 editor

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  1. Wow what a cool concept! I'm glad I watched this on my phone and not my computer. It's awesome to be able to move my phone around and see different angles. Is this a feature of your camera or of YouTube?

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