#Egypt #travel VIDEO INSIDE the 2nd LARGEST Pyramid of Giza, Egypt (2020 Tour) – Khafre’s Pyramid was NOT a Tomb…

Raw video footage entering and touring the 2nd largest Pyramid of Giza (commonly referred to as the ‘Pyramid of Khafre’ (which is only 30ft smaller than the Great Pyramid of Giza). One of the most fascinating, and unique details about this structure is that the entire internal layout is carved ENTIRELY from BEDROCK (minus the large roof slabs within the so-called Kings/Queen’s chamber). This is much different than that of the Great Pyramid, which is entirely made up of stone blocks. This video was filled in December, 2020
Big shoutout to Ben from UnchartedX ( who’s with me in this video!
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  1. Isn’t it INCREDIBLE that the entire internal structure of this pyramid was carved out of BEDROCK??

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    Big shoutout to Ben from UnchartedX (https://youtu.be/d8Ejf5etV5U) who’s with me in this video!

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  2. Im 99% certain the great pyramids were used as gene banks. Built to survive a global flooding event or impact from a giant meteorite. The fact that they are empty means they served their purpose.

  3. This pyramid is so much cleaner than the others. The floor plan looks similar to the Great Pyramid and also, those tunnels are either for Oompa Loompas or the serve a mechanical type or purpose. Over the last many thousand of years, I can only imagine what items have decomposed or been taken out of that pyramid.

  4. As I asked in your last vid, where's the soot?
    If this pyramid was meticulously constructed by hand, there should be quite a build up of soot.
    Even with a hundred years of modern visitation, the soot from torches would be ground in to the original rock.
    The official story doesn't hold water.

  5. Has the bedrock been tested? Are you 100% sure it's bedrock or is it an aggregate? 'K2019 The Movie' demonstrates a much more practical theory of heated and poured limestone aggregate and has been tested to show it doesn't contain a natural makeup.

  6. It's never been answered as to why the pyramids were built. One possibility is they can give eternal life for the being entombed within. How can this be achieved? The pyramid is the sign of life. After living and dying an earthly life one is entombed inside a pyramid at the pyramids central point of gravitation. Its size and location is mathematically relative to the planet and the solar system. The Great Pyramid is just that. In order for the being to come back to life, and live forever, a ripple in space and time must occur. For a brief time, five seconds may be enough, birds fly backwards, in fact everything on Earth goes backwards. As time and space rectifies itself the being inside the pyramid (because it is at the pyramids central point of gravitation) actually comes back to life — and lives forever. Death can be beaten. It might be possible to cause a ripple in space and time after being entombed inside a pyramid. My tiny human brain believes anything is possible. There must be several million of beings "out there" who have conquered death and live forever. Space is big enough for this to be so. Is this why the The Great Pyramid was built?

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