#Egypt #travel VALLEY OF THE KINGS – INSIDE KING TUT'S TOMB! #travelvlog

What we are about to explore in this video was never meant to be seen by mortals. Welcome to Luxor Egypt, the gateway to one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world, the Valley of the Kings.

Over 3,000 years ago, the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs from the New Kingdom were buried here in rock cut tombs, including Tutankhamen and Ramses. They were sealed shut, not to be found until the 19th and 20th C. Over 62 tombs have been uncovered, others remain undiscovered. Let’s find out what’s mysteries lie inside the tombs….

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  1. It is interesting to see my country on foreign eyes. welcome to Egypt ,

    Your way of roaming, explaining, and displaying antiquities was amazing

    Thank you and I wish you a pleasant stay in Egypt

  2. Hi there! Quick question, no one had any issues with you filming or taking photos in the tomb? I’ve heard conflicting things say you can’t take photos so I was just curious since I’m planning to go at some point! Thank you!

  3. Did you know? That King Tutankhamen’s tomb was not finished by the time of his death, his well known tomb was actually ment to house a nobleman or one of his advisors (know as Ay who could probably be his uncle). This surprisingly was quite an convenience for Ay. Due to Tutankhamen having the tomb of a common person he would be erased from history.

  4. Hi! Loved your video! I’ve seen on other Egyptian travel vlogs that you should get to places early in the morning (6 AM like you did) to beat the crowds, but it seemed there were lots of people their already at that time?

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