#Egypt #travel Unearthed – Egypt's Floating Pyramid


  1. when looking at the graphics and the actual remaining structure , the y don't align. if you look hard enough you can see it is all most completely mud brick, and on the odd edge and corner you can see lime stone structures which presumable line up around the parameter, i some how doubt , that mud brick would sustain long periods submerged , with out it decomposing back to just mud and collapsing on it self , being very weighty, more likely a moat type feature around the whole thing, though water entering the subterranean features would be a problem,
    i would like to see proper archeological investigation into the structure , the out come i feel would amaze and answer a lot of debatable questions,

  2. Omg. You really still think they are tombs? Yet there have been no body's found in any pyramids.. surely that is a bit of a red flag?!…
    Stop looking at ancient humans like they were dumb because they preceded us. Some of the structures from then we still can even work out how to move the building materials let alone build anything with them.. funny how arrogant we are.

  3. Great way to destroy the opening of an interesting click-bait worthy subject.. "all pyramids are tombs". No. We are not buying the bullcrap any more. We need new, fresh, open minded people to become the new archaeological academia and get digging down to the real truth. If you start with a lie, how are we supposed to know the rest is not biased on the garbage we have been fed? Stop the lies. Don't even bother making the video unless its real truth. Enough.

  4. This is the absolute pinnacle of why you should dump your cable packages.. such bullshit and outdated form of entertainment.. poor souls.. clutching to whatever customers they can gather up.. those who can still be manipulated with commercials and bullshit tactics like repeating the previous 3 minutes every time a commercial ends.. which means less actual content they have to show you.. STOP BUYING CABLE TV and end this time theft.

  5. All pyramids in Africa was made when sahara was green, so long before we have learnt. And to say its a grave is so stupid its hard to think ppl rly mean it.

  6. The History Channel is so full of shhhiitt. Who actually believes that everything left standing from the ancient times is a tomb? You would have to all be morons to believe that people back in those days didn't actually have buildings for something other than a tomb. Soooooooo sick of hearing this garbage. Makes all archaeologists completely incredible.

  7. Wow, so much ignorance in the comments. The Ancient Egyptians could write! There's no mystery or opposing theories here. Perhaps "Pyramid Texts" from pyramids written by the Egyptians who built the pyramids might have some "clues" to why the pyramids were built?

    Why is this a subject where people completely ignorant of the topic think their opinions have validity?

    Why do people have such a strong opinion on a subject they obviously have spent no serious time learning about?

  8. Damn so u build giant structure and inside u put absolutely astonishing piece of granite (only god know how they did so precise and polish) only to put a pharaoh…but when u go their u see nothing no mummy no hieroglyphics or paintings or even one letter nothing…and that is not in one pyramid but in every pyramid no mummy no inscriptions nothing…i want mummy i want to see mummy in one pyramid to believe that is a tombs…

  9. Actually, it's better they keep this foolishness up…
    The more rational folks see and clearly question the function,
    It will prompt more and persistent truthful investigation.
    Where's Yusef?

  10. I was not convinced by the “experiment” that engineer did to see the effect rainfall has on the sand which was in the perimeter trench. He took no account whatsoever of the runoff from the smooth (at the times) slopes of the actual pyramid which would have been considerable.

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