#Egypt #travel Two Ancient Egyptian Sites Right Beside The Nile: Esna And Kom Ombo

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  1. umm crocodiles can't live in darkness, they need to bask in the sun in order to digest food, cold blooded.
    that story about crocodiles is nonsense. Your going to herd crocodiles into an enclosed area underground…. good luck with that maybe with some kind of star trek transporter.

  2. Start me off with baby steps on reading the ancient language: link previously seen on beginner's level. My first joke was it's a thought bubble and then my first question was please show more of the wall area as was it repaired and re etched in ancient times? To the right of floating figure is a figure with a staff. Do we read right to left or left to right? I forgot. A figure of protection or imagination to the other figure? It's definitely different and loosely drawn or etched lighter than usually appears done.

  3. Are parts of Egypt archaeologists attempt at reconstructing what once was… Please use your critical thinking skills peeps , the story as narrated by Brien certainly can be punched full of holes , and obviously academia's as well…

  4. Mr Foerster, once again you prove that ancient for us , wasn't ancient at all. Sometime i play pc game assassin creed in ancient Egypt time and if anyone wondering how "ancient Egypt" would look like , you should get this game and look the beautiful architecture of the ancient world its amazing.

  5. 1:03 У кого ещё создалось впечатление, как будто во вход в храм влепили каким то высокотемпературным снарядом, что косяки оплавило?

  6. Excellent.
    There was a documentary myth of the pharaohs crocodiles or something like that. They found a village whose job it was to look after the crocs. They had been feeding them for three thousand years. Some of them where giants. They had a little fellow with a turbin and a chop stick in his hand kneeling down next to ones head talking to it. The funny thing was the croc had his head turned slightly and was listening to what he said. They lived in these really deep holes where it was wet cool and dark. Well worth watching.

  7. I recognised that first temple, ceiling was black from fires during Napoleons invasion when it was used as shelter for the soldiers. It’s a common stop if you do one of these amazing cruises on the Nile. I was there in 1994.

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