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In this movie, we just take you on a tour within of the Great Pyramid, a single of the most outstanding monuments at any time created. We discover the mysterious internal realm within the pyramid & show you the most intriguing functions within, quite a few of which are extremely controversial. In this scarce footage you can get to see just how gorgeous it appears up near in person. We hope you love the tour 🙂

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Casey’s Songs (The Dwelling Library):

Links TO EPIC Investigation:

Video clips:
New Scan Pyramids Investigation:

Vivid Insights Channel:
GP Introduction & Fundamental Facts –
Pyramids of Egypt Ended up Not Tombs –

Historic Architects Channel:
Khufu Graffiti Simple fact or Forgery –
Air Shafts –
Al Mamun Entrance –
Pit Beneath Kings Chamber –
Ark Of the Covenant –
Mystery Door in the Kings Chamber –
Far more Mystery Door Stuff –
Tunnel In Kings chamber Passage –
An Elevator In The Great Pyramid Of Egypt –

Other Video clips:
The Boss Theory –

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“The Great Pyramid of Giza: Decoding the Measure of a Monument” Schmitz, Eckhart
(Speculation about the Pyramid Measurements)

“About Scan Pyramids”:

(scientific report about the investigation of the so-termed “air shafts”)


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  1. these discoveries are meaningless cause all that happens is it alerts the thieves where to look – at night when all is quiet ppl with access enter excavate and loot at will –

  2. The Great step at the top of the Grand Gallery was worn down due to the building construction of ropes pulleys via counterweight lifting of the Kings Chamber granite stone blocks being pulled up to the hieght of construction

  3. The narrator's respectful tone, both in balance and in 'harmony' with the subject matter being presented, the choice of background music, and excellent film footage all combine to bring the viewer into the majesty of the edifice which only a personal visit can more fully reveal. This is a very very nice presentation and offering which will no doubt add to the centuries long and ongoing revelation of one of the great mysteries on our planet Earth. If I was grading the presentation I'd give it an A ++ ! Way to go guys.

  4. If they were really 'tombs', why didnt they back fill all the passages as they went up? Making it safe from the robbers. Its because the passages were still needed for it to function like a machine.

  5. Thanks guys! I am convinced the breach is an exit, not an entrance. No way they got the correct side, course level, and left-right position. They must have first (re)entered through the main entrance, going down to the bottom, and then climbing the well shaft. There are hand holds chiseled into it. The only color photos you'll find of the well shaft and grotto are from the lah . ru russian researchers from 2010/2011.

    They must have gained access to the upper chambers via climbing the well shaft, then they went down to the plug blocks, circumvented them to connect to the descending passage (realizing that they were right above it) to make a shortcut to the upper chambers. Then they made the breach. Why make a breach if you already have a nice shortcut? To remove something big/heavy/fragile that couldn't go back down the well shaft or be pushed up the descending passage.

    Great footage of the boss or nub on the portcullis slab. Agreed, the profile does look like the casing stones and many other places: rounded top, flat bottom.

    I've read the Giza Power Plant by Chris Dunn, I just picked up his other book on advanced tech in Egypt.

    I appreciate it guys.

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