#Egypt #travel The Unseen Side of ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT

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EUROPE Q&A : Spain & EF tours (pt. 1) #Spain #travel

Hi friends! I hope you enjoy part 1 of my Europe Q&A series with my friend Kaitlyn! We traveled with EF Tours on a trip throughout Europe last year! This video talks a lot about EF Tours, packing, and Spain! We also went to France, Italy, Monaco, and the Vatican & we will be talking […]

#Egypt #travel Mfundishi (Ancient Kemet Tour In Boston Museum) !!

BLACK GODS AND IDOLS Stay From the Boston Museum. Mfundishi offering a tour of the Anxcient Egyptian Show at the Metropolitain Museum of Artwork in NYC. Terrific Egyptian items for your dwelling or place of work Get a Queen Nefertiti Statue – Brooklyn Museum with Mfundishi Jhutyms, Rkhty Amen vesves additional. Ancient Technology vesves Machines […]

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